10 charming salons, 10 ideas to steal

10 charming salons, 10 ideas to steal

In search of authenticity and softness, the charming decor stretches our arms. In the living room, she brings a comforting touch that invites us to curl up on the sofa ... and never leave the room! Everything you dream of when temperatures plummet. But then how do you go about creating a charming decor in the living room? The answer around 10 inspirations, which will deliver 10 good ideas for the charm to operate.

Soft, subdued light

Goal ### Lighting also contributes to the charm of the living room. Provided you are soft and sifted! The right idea? Multiply the extra lamps next to the sofa, on the chest of drawers, around the coffee table, so as to make each space more intimate and warmer.

A bucolic note

Fly ### Difficult to do without the charm of flowers and nature in a living room combining sweetness, authenticity and romance. Vases are therefore a priority here, whether garnished with bare branches, a bouquet freshly picked from the garden or dried flowers. Note that in the fall, the "still life" effect is particularly appropriate ...

The presence of antique furniture

Leroy Merlin ### Who says style of charm says search for authenticity. Also, we do not hesitate to recover old wooden furniture and accessories of all kinds (mirrors, lamps ...). Afraid of making a decorative faux pas? Do not panic ! By skating them, it's easy to bring out their cachet and make their obsolete appearance disappear in no time. Or how to revive old furniture in a current setting.

A grand century clock

Maisons du Monde ### The clocks of yesteryear are among the flagship pieces of charming decor. Their round dial is generally large, while their Roman numerals create a "grand century" atmosphere. Having fun using them in the form of a coffee table and mismatching them on the walls is therefore permitted and even highly recommended!

Intensely cozy materials

Maisons du Monde ### Look at this linen sofa, perfectly covered with a series of soft cushions as desired, or even this armchair upholstered in imitation velvet textile. Thanks to the choice of these fabrics, the environment seems perfectly cozy. A charm called "comfort and relaxation". Conclusion: opt for soft materialsā€¦

Enveloping shapes

Goal ### Another fundamental element in the decoration of charm? Its soft and intensely cozy environment. This is why we put on enveloping forms, from the sofa to the armchairs, to prolong the desire to curl up thereā€¦

The enhancement of coatings of yesteryear

Maisons du Monde ### Completely repainted moldings, refurbished retro tiles, that is important for bringing out the charm of a living room. The idea? Mix new and old by refreshing the original coatings. It can also be a stone wall or floor tiles.

Flowery patterns

Ikéa ### Coming from the 1950s, floral patterns find refuge in charming salons, first because they soothe the atmosphere, then because they are associated with past authenticity brought up to date.

Bohemian storage

Paragraph ### The charming interiors are not frozen, they live. Each thing is not necessarily stored in a fixed place, we favor the option "deposited here and there", and in plain sight.