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Rent Dalida's house in Porto Vecchio

Rent Dalida's house in Porto Vecchio

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Located on a wooded hill two kilometers from Porto Vecchio, Dalida's house (also called the Villa San Giorgio) can be rented by the week by private individuals. Its architecture, 450m2 on three levels in the 70's style, reflects the tastes of its famous owner who loved to rest and relax there. Discovery of the places in pictures…

An outdoor space

DR Outside, a superb swimming pool and large terraces and a garden of around 6000m2 surround the house. Ideal for enjoying the many sunny days under which Corsica shines.

A breathtaking view

DR With its dominant view over the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, the villa of Dalida will blow your mind.

A terrace in the shade of the eyes

DR For outdoor dining, one of the terraces offers an intimate space in harmony with nature, where it is good to be in the shade of the eyes and tall pines.

A main room

DR In designing the plans with the architect, Dalida imagines a large main room to install his dining room. A friendly place where the decor is rather sober.

An oriental lounge

DR In the living room, located at a lower level of the dining room, the singer wanted to install huge oriental sofas along the walls. Many sunny paintings are displayed in the four corners of the room.

Authentic cuisine

DR A wind of authenticity blows in this kitchen or retro furniture and tiles dated 70's coexist.

Fully equipped rooms

DR Dalida's wish when she created her house was to have six bedrooms, all of which would be perfectly equipped with their own bathroom and a small private terrace.

Remnants of the past in the bathroom

DR In the bathroom, the 70's style desired by Dalida has been completely preserved. A bit kitsch, it makes us jump in the past as soon as the door is crossed.

Rent the house for your vacation

DR If you fell in love with this villa, know that it is available for rental for a long or short stay and even weekends outside the summer period. Count 4000 euros the week in April and all the same 13250 euros in July-August…


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