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Princess decor, 10 key ideas

Princess decor, 10 key ideas

For all little girls dreaming of prince charming and castle life, here are 10 inspirations from bedrooms straight out of a fairy tale! It remains to prick their magical and precious decorative tips in order to transform in our turn, the universe of our budding princess…

A princess decor with a four-poster bed

Goal ### In children's stories, the princesses sleep in large four-poster beds sublimated by elegant curtains falling on each side. Reason enough to adopt the same rule in your daughter's room!

A princess decor with a silver dressing table

Maisons du Monde ### Another must in a princess bedroom: the hairdresser! This piece of furniture reserved for jewelry, make-up and hair accessories is the center of attention during afternoon games where little girls improvise as princesses.

A princess decor with a giant crown

Fly ### Another possibility for the headboard? Adopt a crown shape… In the royal family, I call the princess!

A princess decor with a mosquito net

Goal ### Hanging above the bed, a simple mosquito net is enough to give a royal air to the bedroom… It's the detail that makes the difference!

A princess decor with a castle

Fly ### I want to live in a big castle! Your little bitch is asking for a lot, and yet, by choosing the right curtains hanging under the base of the bunk bed, it's easy to transform your sleeping area into a palace.

A princess decor thanks to an all-height arrangement

Maisons du Monde ### To be a real princess, you have to see life big! This is the choice of this room having opted for a four-poster bed and a majestic high-pitched mirror, all to give height to the decor. Chic!

A princess decor thanks to a padded headboard

Maisons du Monde ### When you are a princess, the headboard must be up to par. With a padded silver covering, it is worthy of small

A princess decor with a canopy

Vertbaudet ### Here, the "princess touch" is none other than a canopy! Composed of two poetic lilac sheer curtains arranged on either side of the bed, it completely envelops the sleeping corner of little dreamers.

A princess decor with a chandelier

Fly ### In terms of lighting, it's hard to make it more chic than a chandelier. So if the children's room is not a big fan of this bulky pendant light, we change our habits to quickly acquire one. Especially with poetic models like this, the "princess suite" effect is completely successful.