Funny lights!

Funny lights!

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The month of October sees the lights bloom in the house in proportion to the days that get shorter. But even if you choose artificial lighting, you might as well prefer unusual models that in no way resemble those of the neighbor ... and that create surprise! Our favorite selection.

Chemistry laboratory

Fleux ### To discover at Fleux, the chemical beakers that have become luminous creations, inject astonishment and surprise into interior decoration. Everything to please us! Ours is the "laboratory" trend.

Sticker version

Pa Design ### A floor lamp in wall adhesive mode? Yes, at Pa Design, it's possible! The concept ? A sticker in the shape of a light, small or large, to stick on the facade, in the center of which a bracket is fixed holding the socket. This should create the optical illusion in the house…

In cage

Fleux ### Always perched on top of the trend, the bird cages even inspire the design of the suspensions. Better yet, they totally revisit their look by enclosing their lampshades between their bars. Preview images of these wacky and offbeat models whose black / gold color displays a decidedly precious style ... A steal at Fleux!

Angel wings

Fleux ### After magnificent wings have grown on its back, the chandelier takes off! He is the new unusual chic star of the ceiling, a sensational effect.


Castorama ### If incandescent bulbs are gradually disappearing from circulation, they never cease to inspire the design… of lights! It's the world upside down, but we, we adhere. Moreover, we are particularly fond of this imposing table lamp signed Castorama that catches the eye.

Optical illusion

Ikéa ### An extra flat lamp? No, everything is just visual deception! Only the base of the lamp plays "2 D", and yet the questioning persists ... This is what makes the difference when you favor an unusual light rather than basic. Head to the Ikéa back-to-school collection to appropriate it!


Castorama ### Straight from the future, this circular lamp with hyper design lines (from Castorama) diffuses a bluish light that can only capture our attention. Long live the unusual high-tech version!

Small house

Fleux ### In addition to being unusual, this light house serves as a bookmark. Indeed, we return our bedside book on its roof, and voila! A very practical bonus to discover at Fleux.