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Architect's advice: separate spaces without dividing them

Architect's advice: separate spaces without dividing them

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The decompartmentalization of spaces is still very popular today for its many advantages. It not only offers a significant gain in space and brightness, but it is also a tool for personalization and creativity, while maintaining very distinct functions in the spaces created. There are many easy-to-implement solutions for separating rooms and isolating functions with elegance and ingenuity, without having to resort to the traditional partition rising from floor to ceiling.

Separate spaces without dividing them: a living room and a kitchen

Angélique BLANC In this beautiful rectangular volume of 8.20 x 3.85 m, two architectural techniques are used to isolate the kitchen and the living room without enclosing the space. The first is the differentiation of floor coverings (tiling in the kitchen and parquet in the living room), creating a horizontal visual separation without breaking the air space. The tiling of the kitchen also allows easier maintenance of the floor. On the living room side, the parquet brings softness and warmth, accentuated by the presence of textiles (sofa and carpet). The second technique is the installation of a large sliding glass panel. Transparent, it maintains an open, bright and friendly space that can be closed to prevent the spread of cooking odors.

Separate spaces without dividing them: a master suite with sleeping area and toilets

Angélique BLANC In this comfortable room with a maximum length of 5.80 m and a width of 4.30 m, the space has been structured to create a real master bedroom with sleeping area and toilet. The flooring, a water-resistant parquet, is the same over the entire surface of the room, but the levels are different. At the entrance of the room and in the sanitary area, the floor is raised by 20 cm, thus creating a platform (this one, moreover, will technically allow the passage of pipes) which delimits the two zones. The large walk-in closet is located at the back of the room, causing no visual obstruction to the volume. And in order to bring a little privacy to the toilet area without breaking up the space and limiting the passage of light, high wooden slats are fixed to the ceiling on a rail allowing them to slide.

Separating spaces without dividing them: an open studio

Angélique BLANC This fully open studio of 7.35 mx 5.55 m takes on all the functions necessary for a comfortable home with defined spaces, without the slightest classic blackout partition that would enclose the volume. The kitchen area, equipped with a kitchenette, receives on its walls a different color from the other sections of walls, delimiting and energizing the dining area. In the living room, it is the carpet that delimits the relaxation area, as well as a removable plant partition made up of cubic modules. This partition, which separates the lounge area from the sleeping area, allows a completely free arrangement and choice of height and width since it is modular. The modules are superimposed, creating a decorative effect, and are perforated, thus allowing the light to pass through and offering storage. Relayed at the bottom of the room, the sanitary facilities are concealed by a screen for the WC, and by a wardrobe / shelves for the shower and the basin.