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10 live decor brands from Brooklyn

10 live decor brands from Brooklyn

A mythical place of cinema, the city of Brooklyn - next to the island of Manhattan - is gaining more and more popularity. Over the years, it has appropriated its own style, a design with vintage accents that transcends the Atlantic. has found for you ten brands "made in" Brooklyn. Presentation.

Claudia Pearson's illustrated objects

Claudia Pearson Renowned illustrator in the United States (she has worked for the New York Times in particular), Claudia Pearson puts her experience to the benefit of decorative objects and kitchen equipment. We find in particular aprons and tea towels with beautiful handmade illustrations. //

Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Gold Teeth Brooklyn Based in Brooklyn, the Gold Teeth Brooklyn brand offers attractive illustrated cards for sale and declines items representative of New York to give them other functionalities. The New York pretzel is thus adorned with gold to be used as a paperweight. //

The brand that wants you good

Holstee This is an original idea proposed by Holstee. The concept started from a simple idea, the two creators one day laid down on paper everything they seemed to have to do to be happy, to become accomplished people. This very short text today takes the name of "Holstee manifesto" and is infinitely available in illustrations, mugs, signs. //

Children's decor

Kate Durkin The Kate Durkin Illustration brand focuses exclusively on modern illustrations with playful accents. Their plush toys and decorative items find their perfect place in children's rooms. //

Modern and rustic at the same time

Nightwood Run by a duo of designers, Nightwood imagines and creates furniture and decorative objects that are found nowhere else. Its two designers are inspired by the old to create new and dress our interiors with style. //

Illustrated pottery and textiles

SKT The SKT brand creates direct from Brooklyn unique illustrated porcelain pieces as well as textiles for your kitchen. Each piece is handmade and designed to last as long as possible. //

UM Project, the transparent brand

UM Project / Francis Dzikowksi / OTTO Based in Brooklyn, UM Project creates furniture to order. The majority of the craftsmen work in workshops in Brooklyn and each subcontractor works in the surrounding areas. The brand markets modern and designer furniture with light Scandinavian accents. //

Withers & Grain

Withers and Grain Based in Brooklyn, the Withers & Grain brand imagines and designs all of its furniture from its workshop. Exclusively composed of wood and steel, they add to the interiors of individuals such as hotels, corporate offices or shops a rustic, authentic and modern touch at the same time. //

Unique porcelain pieces

Workaday Handmade Workaday Handmade is the result of the work of one man. Each porcelain piece is imagined and created in his studio in Brooklyn. The brand markets delicately illustrated objects such as this very pretty blue speckled vase. //