The carpet shows us all the colors

The carpet shows us all the colors

Who said the carpet was sad and bland? With ultra colorful carpets, your interior becomes original and very dynamic. The carpet to create unexpected effects is to be discovered in pictures!

Color stripes

Saint Maclou Similarly, if you have different strip carpets, you will get very decorative stripes and a very personal composition! For a successful decorative effect, do not choose more than three colors and play with the different sizes of the stripes.

Purple is trendy

Saint Maclou Purple is a color that is both feminine and contemporary and can be easily installed in our interiors to bring color in style. It also finds its place on the floor with a carpet that sets the tone. We then put on black furniture and a few touches of orange color for a colorful decor.

Electric blue carpet

Saint Maclou To see life in color, you can also choose a bright blue and very cheerful carpet which will combine with other bright colors to create an original decoration very pop. We dare an orange armchair and a green table!

Ethnic orange on the carpet

Saint Maclou For a warm decoration that evokes travel, the color orange takes over your interior. We install an orange carpet on the floor and then put on white walls to reduce the color. Choose colors like green and blue for the accessories.

Grass green carpet

Saint Maclou Fancy a touch of nature in your interior? The grass green carpet is for you! It dramatically imitates the greens of golf courses for an original effect in the house. We will choose white and green to complement the decor on the walls.

Red pop on the floor

Leroy Merlin For a colorful interior, red is sure to make an impression. We will associate white walls with red carpet and we will choose red stickers on the wall to make a color reminder.

Candy pink carpet

Leroy Merlin Your daughter swears by pink? No problem, there is also a carpet of this color. To make him happy, we do not hesitate to play the total look with walls of the same color. Girly atmosphere guaranteed!

Swimming pool carpet

Leroy Merlin What if you choose an azure blue carpet that will make you feel like you are in the water? For a very refreshing decor, we combine the blue carpet with white furniture!