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20 DIY lamps to make

20 DIY lamps to make

It enlightens us, boosts our decoration, brings warmth and cheerfulness to the space it illuminates, I named the lamp! Sometimes in wood, plastic or glass, sometimes in fabric, paper or cardboard, stock up on ideas and set off to discover the 20 most beautiful DIY lamps, snapped on Pinterest and imagined by experts in the creation -hand.

A cardboard lamp and masking tape

Princess of Bidouilles And, for more fantasy, we do not hesitate to shop, in the corner drugstore, an adhesive tape in washi paper. The latter allowing to sublimate, personalize and give a unique touch to your lamp. More info on this DIY: Princesse aux Bidouilles

A flower suspension

Mamie Boude No need to be an expert to make this delicate and poetic lamp. Just download the flower pattern of your choice available on the blog Mamie boude then cut it and give it volume using a scissor, a cutter. and a pencil. Once this step has been completed, all that remains is to assemble your petals (from the smallest to the largest) on your socket and fix them. Magic ! More info on this DIY: Mamie Boude

A leather lamp

Poppytalk Trendy and timeless material, leather has more than one trick up its sleeve. The proof with this DIY made from leather straps and an oval wooden plate. The plus of this lamp? It can adapt to all kinds of styles due to the wide range of shapes, textures and colors of leather. More info on this DIY: Poppytalk

An air suspension

Tangerinette This pretty pendant lamp may seem difficult at first, but it is not! In reality, it suffices to wrap a balloon in cellophane, to trace on it the location of the hole which will allow you to install your light bulb and your electric cable. Immerse your ball in a small container filled with glue, then wrap your ball using your ball. All that remains is to let it dry, deflate your balloon and install the cable and bulb there. Easy as pie ! More info on this DIY: Tangerinette

A chandelier in threads

Wedding Chicks Amateur knitting, this DIY is for you! Objective: to think outside the box and above all in your comfort zone to create this daring lamp. First step, we wrap its circle with adhesive tape, then cover it with a wire of the color of your choice. Finally, the three types of wool are placed on the circle so as to obtain variable heights and a gradient of colors. Then you just have to fix your electric wire and your bulb to your structure. More info on this DIY: Wedding Chicks

A fabric lamp

Aux Petits Merveilles Giving a second life to our old fabrics is possible thanks to this DIY found on the blog Aux Petits Merveilles. Provided with your star template, your fabric, a little padding, a LED garland and your sewing equipment, all you have to do is sit on your sewing machine. More info on this DIY: Aux Petits Merveilles

A retro suspension

Woon Blog Recycle these jars to customize and bring a touch of originality to its interior is possible thanks to this rather nice DIY. Small or large, transparent or tinted, the accumulation of these containers will give a decorative style and up to date to your space. So we stop thinking and we jump into the water! More info on this DIY: Woon Blog

A variable geometry lamp

Vintage Revivals Surf the geometric trend with this cubic lamp made using small pieces of wood and the frame of a pendant lamp. To achieve your goals, patience and dexterity will be your allies. So tempted? More info on this DIY: Vintage Revivals

A copper lamp

Camille Styles Diverted, reworked and reused, copper allows you to create an authentic and contemporary decoration at home. It was therefore quite natural that we fell in love with this design and trendy pendant lamp made using copper pipes and tubes, a piece of square wood and a light bulb. More info on this DIY: Camille Styles

An origami floral suspension

Ludorn The delicate folds of the paper cover our ceiling to bring a poetic touch, very light, to our interior. Do you want to start making this origami pendant light? Do not panic ! It won't take you a lot of material or work, only a fair amount of patience. So ready for the challenge? Let's go to Ludorn's blog! More info on this DIY: Ludorn

An origami pendant light

Work and Process If you fell in love with the zigzag pattern inspired by the traditional origami techniques of this lamp, then you will be delighted to learn that it is also very simple to make. With two thick sheets of paper of the color of your choice, a cutting mat, your cutting material and wool, ribbon and rope, you will quickly get a satisfactory result. Provided however to follow the different folding steps. More info on this DIY: Silence we decorate

A natural lamp

Brit Want to perfect and enhance your industrial decoration with a trendy handmade light source? Nothing's easier ! All you need is a copper pipe, a bulb and a mixture of mortar that will allow you to make the base of your lamp. More info on this DIY: Brit

A ball lamp

Alicat94177 To make this lamp, start by passing a wire around the clasp of your plastic balls then fix each of them on your electric cable. And, for more originality, do not hesitate to place a little sand, garden flowers or miniature accessories in your balls. Guaranteed effect! More info on this DIY: Pop Sugar

A wooden pearls suspension

Mamie Boude The simplest ideas are often the best, proof with this pendant lamp designed using electric wire with fluorescent sheath, a bulb and wooden beads. The idea? Briskly combine shapes and colors to create the lamp of your desires. More info on this DIY: Mamie Boude

A pyramid lamp

Joshua Rhodes & Sarah Rhodes To make this table lamp at a low price, get wooden rods that you will cut and then assemble to create a pyramid shape. Once assembled, all you have to do is put it in your living room. More info on this DIY: A Beautiful Mess

A cardboard lamp

Lindarose92 By assembling with glue the previously sculpted cardboard, here is an eco-friendly lamp assembled in just 30 minutes which will cost you practically nothing! More info on this DIY: Instructables

A white lamp

The Bold Abode To give a second life to an aging lamp, sometimes it only takes a few things. Here the trick found was to repaint it in white, rewire it and hang a vintage light. More info on this DIY: The Bold Abode

A custom lampshade

Hey Gorgeous To make this pastel pendant, have the structure of a lampshade and then cover it with colored paper pellets. A real breeze! More info on this DIY: Hey Gorgeous

A pastille lamp

Design Sponge The most daring will prefer this lamp, a little more complex, produced on the same principle. More info on this DIY: Design Sponge