Generator: a trendy hotel in the east of Paris

Generator: a trendy hotel in the east of Paris

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Halfway between a dynamic youth hostel and a hip hotel, Generator is a place with communicative energy. Located a stone's throw from the Canal Saint-Martin in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris, this former office building now houses elegant dormitories to share, individual rooms with neat decoration overlooking spacious terraces, ideal for relaxing and, cherry the cake: an extraordinary rooftop! Visit a place with atypical charm.

A colorful and trendy welcome

Generator Hotel Paris Once through its glass doors, from its lobby, the Generator announces the color. In this hotel, place a contemporary decoration, a touch pop but always vibrant which suits perfectly to the 18-30 years old, the customers targeted by this place outside nome.

Café Fabien, the breakfast room

Generator Hotel Paris In order to enhance the friendly and friendly atmosphere of the hotel, a breakfast room, named "Café Fabien" in reference to the location of the Generator (11 Place du Colonel Fabien 75010 Paris) has been fitted out. Similar to an authentic café in the capital, this space is steeped in metropolitan culture, with small subway tiles on the walls.

A contemporary conservatory restaurant

Generator Hotel Paris Designed to facilitate meetings and exchanges between travelers staying at the Generator, the hotel restaurant sits under a beautiful veranda. On the decor side, it is a successful mix-and-match between bistro charm and industrial spirit.

A warm lounge area

Generator Hotel Paris True to its desire for urban relaxation, Generator provides its customers with a space called "* chill" *. Ideal for bubbling with style, this lounge mixes contemporary furniture and a Moroccan atmosphere.

A spacious single room

Generator Hotel Paris We are now leaving the ground floor of the Generator and heading for the individual rooms located on the upper floors. All dressed in white, this room gives pride of place to a refined and stylish decoration. As a bonus? A private terrace to enjoy the shy Parisian sun.

A cozy bedroom

Generator Hotel Paris Another type of room: a row of rooms with pleasant comfort and a small terrace, also private, with a hammock and two deckchairs. One watchword: relaxation!

A friendly dorm

Generator Hotel Paris Next to the hostel, the decor of the dormitory-style rooms is just as attractive: contemporary furniture and sleeping, cozy space furnished with two beautiful leather armchairs, a few stools and a carpet to warm the whole. We love !

A breathtaking rooftop

Generator Hotel Paris Finally, let's climb up to the magnificent roof terrace at the top of the hotel. From here the view is breathtaking of the City of Lights and, just below, enjoy the panorama of the impressive Parc des Buttes-Chaumont…


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