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Decorative ideas for the dining room

Decorative ideas for the dining room

If the dining room has almost disappeared as a room in its own right, it nevertheless finds its place in the open spaces that host the living room and the kitchen. To help you create your dining room, we have found 10 layouts to inspire you!

A dining room in part of the room

To install your dining room, you can share your room in two by betting on a sofa that will close the dining area. Then install a large table and beautiful chairs in accordance with the living room.

A dining room in the kitchen

Here, the large dining room table finds its place in the open kitchen. It then offers a design look in line with the kitchen furniture by the black color. A large suspension above the table then delimits the space.

A dining room open to the living room

Here, the two living and dining areas are delimited by a partition but sufficiently open thanks to a large opening. The table incorporates the codes of decoration with a skilful mixture of old and modern.

A dining room in the living room

When the living room is fully open, you can install the dining room in the center to occupy the space. The dining room will then remain open to the kitchen and the living room will be set apart.

A dining room close to the kitchen

So that the dining room opens onto the kitchen, a large serving hatch makes the connection. Then, the dining room hosts a hybrid space between the kitchen and the dining room with a bar where you can also sit for meals.

The dining room in a large space

If you place the dining room in a large living room, consider delimiting the dining area by using a carpet that you will place under the dining table to highlight your furniture.

A dining room straddling the kitchen

The dining room can also take the form of a high worktop to which stools are added to settle for meals. The bar can then be placed in the kitchen to integrate a dining area.

A dining room bounded by the floor

If your dining room is installed in a large space open to the living room and the kitchen, you can delimit the space by playing with the floor. Here, the dining area is determined by the tiling.

A dining room that fits into the room

Finally, to make your dining room fit in well with the rest of your decor, consider making decorative touches. Here, the wooden chairs echo the parquet floor and the glass of the table meets the bay windows for a beautiful harmony. More ideas for the dining room here!