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Beautiful curtains to protect you from the cold

Beautiful curtains to protect you from the cold

In the fall, we think of dressing our windows with thick curtains that protect us from the cold. Here are very decorative solutions to dress your windows in an aesthetic and practical way, and to prepare you for temperature drops.

Curtains the same color as the walls

Leroy Merlin To create a warm atmosphere in your living room, use thick curtains of the same color as your walls to create a unity and a very cocooning spirit. Your window can thus disappear from view to bring warmth to your interior.

Curtains in harmony with the walls

Leroy Merlin In this living room, thick, dark curtains insulate the windows. For the decorative effect, we painted a wall of the room the same color as the curtains to create unity in the room.

Colored curtains

Saint Maclou Curtains are a real decorative asset to bring color into your interior. You can choose colored curtains to brighten up a white interior. For the warmth effect, choose a sufficiently thick fabric and opt for a gathered head finish to fully cover the window with a single piece of fabric.

One window, four curtains

Saint Maclou To dress a window in a very warm way and protect you from the outside cold, you can count on the multiplication of textiles. So, if your window is a good size, bet on two pairs of curtains in a shades of color. Your windows will then be highlighted.

Curtains and blinds

Saint Maclou To insulate your windows, you can bet on several solutions. You can for example install blinds to offer you good insulation and add curtains for the decorative aspect that will enhance your windows.

Japanese curtains and panels

Ikea In the same way, you can choose to use Japanese panels that will allow you to protect yourself from looks and large dark curtains that will isolate you from light and cold to spend pleasant nights.

Curtains and sheers

Ikea For the decorative effect while protecting you from the cold, you can also opt for heavy curtains which will conceal curtains which can be used during the day to bring in a maximum of light.

Curtains to match the bed linen

Ikea For your heavy and thick curtains to settle in your room, remember to attach them to your decor. You can for example choose the same color or the same pattern as your bed linen.

Curtains on the wall

Ikea Finally, to give a very cocooning and warm impression, bet on XXL curtains which are installed on the entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Your windows are growing in a very decorative way.