A design style decor in the bedroom

A design style decor in the bedroom

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In the bedroom, the design style catches the eye with its pure lines. The bedroom then invites you to relax. Here are some inspirations to give your room a very designer spirit.

A refined room

Fly ### For a design room, you must declutter! If possible, limit the number of pieces of furniture in the room and prefer to store your clothes and other accessories in a separate room such as a dressing room. Choose a bed with simple lines and lights that structure the space.

Exceptional pieces

Fly ### Choose an original decoration using exceptional pieces! Bet on a monumental headboard that will bring a very graphic style to the whole. Among the furniture, you can choose a lounge chair that will find its place on a carpet to structure the space.

Contrasting colors

Conforama ### Don't hesitate to play with colors! You can bet on colors that will produce great visual contrast. For this, opt for red, white and black for an interesting visual effect.

Color harmony

Conforama ### If you prefer to stay in the same color harmony, choose the color chosen in several accessories and materials. Chocolate can thus be installed on the wood of furniture but also on carpets, cushions and bed linen. You can choose to add a touch of a second color to enhance the decor. Orange for example will give pep.


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