Ideas for integrating a stove into your decor

Ideas for integrating a stove into your decor

Between ecological trend and energy saving factor, we are witnessing the boom of wood stoves in decoration. It remains to define the aesthetic value that we wish to attribute to them. Extreme discretion or, on the contrary, excessive presence, it is in any case, as much in their design as in their staging that they must. Our mine of ideas.

Recessed in the wall

Hase ### Recessed like a TV in the wall, this wood stove plays the minimalist latest generation version. What could be more discreet for a wood stove than freeing the floor?

Dressed in an omnipresent color in the decor

Hase ### Total black look for this elegant triangular wood stove which contributes directly to the decor of the place. And for good reason, it stands out with subtlety since its dressing is a reminder of the many black touches of the decor: armchair, floor, carpet…

Wall color, with a few exceptions

Hase ### Dressed in the same color as the walls, this off-white wood stove blends in with the decor. Only the steel frame of the glass wall and the upper part of the fireplace stand out. A skillfully orchestrated discretion.

In a well-defined space

Hase ### This wood stove stands out more for its location than for its aesthetics. Indeed, at its feet, a stone covering tends to clearly delimit it from the rest of the room dressed in parquet.

With clearly visible piping

Hase ### Hated by some, piping can become a style in its own right for others. This is the case with this stove, the flue of which, although bulky, remains visible in the decor, installing a raw decorative effect.

Against a wall of the same color

Hase ### Leaning against a metallic gray wall, this wood stove of the same color would almost be forgotten. Long live the chameleon effect!

In the middle of the decor

Hase ### No question of going unnoticed for a wood stove installed in the middle of the dining room. A theatrical development which also makes it possible to centralize the heating of large rooms.

Like a fireplace

Hase ### Combining a wood stove mechanism and a fireplace design, it's possible! The duct of this model was, for example, hidden behind a massive column which was an extension of the glass wall. A chocolate-colored coating which seems to attribute to the wood stove, the same volume as that of a fireplace, with the difference that its aesthetic is much sharper than that of a traditional fireplace.