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Storage with pockets

Storage with pockets

The "pocket" style, a rising trend? In any case, this is confirmed by this slideshow, in which the storage spaces provided with pockets are available in several decorative formats. The good point is that they allow us to drag the little things lying around, and this in all rooms of the house.

In the bathroom

Ikea ### What if we swapped the imposing bathroom column for hanging fabric storage occupying a minimum of space and freeing the floor? Hair brush, beauty products and bath accessories could find a place in all discretion!


Muskhane ### Nice assembly of colored pockets on a wall support made of felt. Naturally chic, ecological and practical!

Baby room

Ikéa ### In the newborn's bedroom, there is a storage above the changing table with large pockets in which it is easy to slip bodysuits, clothes and comforters by keeping them close at hand!

Pockets surprises!

Tracy Kendall ### We literally fall for this creative wallpaper distributing pretty pockets over the entire surface of the wall. To slip a photo or a decorative image without having to drill it, it's perfection!

Work side

Ikéa ### No more work break in bed which ends with pens, diaries and notepads scattered on the duvet! The solution ? Storage with integrated pockets for each accessory to be scratched in bed.

Around the bed

La Redoute ### Thanks to a padded headboard with two integrated pockets on each side, evening reading, glasses and packs of handkerchiefs nest only a few cm from the pillow. Storage at your fingertips, when you hold us!

Metal pockets

Delamaison ### Funny all-metal wall storage! Inside, the pockets, or lockers inclined like magazine holders, accommodate mail, newspapers and catalogs in a resolutely industrial style.