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A room for everyone's leisure

A room for everyone's leisure

If you are lucky enough to own a large space and be able to requisition a room for your entertainment, go for it and treat yourself to your bubble to indulge in your favorite activities. Whether you like DIY, sports or video games, we have ideas for creating your room.

A game room

Ikea For quieter children, a playroom will also be welcome. They can then play freely and offer themselves a corner to draw. On the decor side, bet on bright colors and playful objects like slates to write on the walls or soft carpets where to settle on the floor.

A room for video games

Ikea If the older ones will leave the game room where they can draw, they will however love a room dedicated to video games! Install soft sofas for your comfort and do not skimp on the size of the screen by betting for example on a projector.

A room for reading

Leroy Merlin You can install your library in a larger or smaller room or an unused space in the house such as a basement. The only condition is to be able to install enough storage for books, good lighting and a comfortable chair.

A space dedicated to music

Leroy Merlin If you have the soul of a musician, set up a kind of music studio in your interior by showcasing your musical instruments. When installing this room, make sure that it is not adjoining the neighbors and provide good sound insulation.

A drawing studio piece

Leroy Merlin For artists who thrive in the plastic arts, we will rely on a kind of bright workshop where you will install a large worktop desk and plenty of storage for the accessories that will be used for creation.

A room for DIY

Leroy Merlin Are you a born handyman? Treat yourself to a room that will welcome you for your various works. In this room, we will focus mainly on the functional with practical workbenches and well thought out storage shelves.

A jacuzzi room

Leroy Merlin If you like water and particularly jacuzzis, know that there are models dedicated to individuals. You can then arrange a spa-style room with your jacuzzi as the centerpiece.

A sauna room

Leroy Merlin If you are more a fan of saunas, note that you can also install a cabin at home. Install a few lounge chairs to relax and place your office in your room dedicated to relaxation after a day of work.