Ideas recuperation: the scraps of fabrics revamp the decor

Ideas recuperation: the scraps of fabrics revamp the decor

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Redo the decor without touching either the accessories or the furniture: easy! With a few scraps of textiles with multiple patterns, we offer a unique decorative makeover. Fill up on ideas with this Ikéa slideshow.

Fabric to create a custom furniture curtain

Ikéa ### To hide the unsightly storage nestled inside decorative shelves, we improvise a custom curtain with a drop of decorative fabric. To deploy on the entire front of the furniture and to maintain using a few books ...

Fabric to personalize the table decoration

Ikéa ### Behind the chairs of a table, we tie strips of fabric to brighten up the decor. A very simple and really chic idea!

Fabric to energize the look of an old piece of furniture

Ikéa ### Thanks to fine textiles and dedicated glue, it is possible to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. Here, thanks to highly whimsical patterns, the furniture has even swapped its cheesy look for a wacky style. The unusual and the surprise are waiting for you!

Fabric to customize frames

Ikéa ### Small creative workshop around frames to customize with a few strips of fabric. Result? Unique frames in which photos and posters take on a decidedly original touch. Besides, they don't necessarily need to be garnished to cause a sensation…

Fabric for dressing stools

Ikéa ### Very easy to give a new look to stools. If they are pierced with holes, we simply wrap pretty strips of fabric in them. An express way to change seats without throwing anything and spending nothing!

Fabric to make a chair unique

Ikéa ### Rather than investing in new chairs, we are thinking about rethinking their decorative look! The trick to steal: simply wrap around your foot and back, stylized strips of fabric. Bet won!

Fabric to transform lampshades

Ikéa ### Floral, striped, arty patterns: anything goes when it comes to customizing decorative shades with scraps of textiles! The little detail that makes the difference.