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10 surprising recipes with beets

10 surprising recipes with beets

Beetroot is a food often too little used in cooking. If it is consumed a lot in salads, we quickly publish its exceptional taste properties, to concoct sweet or savory dishes, just like the pretty color it gives to the plate. Here are ten recipes you probably wouldn't have thought of adding beetroot to.

A light and fresh wrap

Clean Eating When warm weather arrives or simply to prepare a takeout snack, opt for a wrap! In just ten minutes, you will get a balanced lunch, made from beets, hummus, and feta. Source:

Reinvent ketchup!

Eat Me Baby Rather than buying tomato ketchup in store, prefer a less sweet recipe that you will make yourself, with beets, cajun spices, honey and balsamic vinegar. The texture will certainly be more grainy than the ketchup you usually buy. Source:

Beautiful and good pancakes

Yelena Strokin Make delicious pancakes for your Sunday brunches! You will surprise your guests with this beetroot recipe. Then sprinkle with the grape sauce. Source:

A gourmet vegetarian burger!

The Awesome Green Who says vegetarian burgers are bland? We will prove you wrong with this recipe made from avocado, sweet potatoes and quinoa. Here, the meat is replaced by beetroot. Source:

An original romantic dessert

CharmChang To surprise your lover, here is an amazing dessert: a beet sorbet enclosed in Breton chocolate shortbread! The cookies are to be molded in the shape of hearts to make small frozen sandwiches. To eat! Source:

Beet brownie

Dias Comma Falda No more eternal chocolate / pecan brownie! This recipe will allow you to prepare a delicious cake with beetroot. The little extra? Its purplish color, resolutely girly. Consider using this version for a birthday snack for example. Source:

A salad out of the ordinary

Marla Meridith Boost your plate with this sweet potato and roasted beet salad! Tasty and colorful, it is ideal in summer, to diversify its cold plates a little. Source:

Revisited pasta

Design Sponge After the peso rosso, make way for the beet pesto! It will give the same color to your plate while allowing you to quickly concoct an original sauce when there is only one packet of spaghetti left in your cupboard! Source: Design Sponge

Dips to surprise your guests

Jamie Oliver - Magazine If you like to entertain, you are surely short of ideas for a healthy and homemade aperitif… Don't panic, we have the solution! Prepare three movements in two steps a small beet puree to dip your chips! Source: