One console, many uses

One console, many uses

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The console is an incredibly useful piece of furniture in the house because it complies with all your needs whether it is in the entry, the living room or even the bathroom. To learn all about the different uses of the console, discover our 10 ideas.

A console as a dressing table

La Redoute For flirtatious women, the dressing table is an almost essential piece of furniture. But did you know that a console coupled with a mirror can act as a dressing table? Not only is it an economical solution but you will also have a unique piece of furniture!

A console as a dining table

La Redoute When you run out of space, the console is a real ally. Some models are thought to be consoles that turn into a table for meals by unfolding. Thus, outside meal times, you gain a significant place!

A console as bathroom furniture

Maisons du monde The console is truly a multifunctional piece of furniture since it can also be installed in the bathroom to replace a traditional bathroom piece of furniture. You can then install your household linen or your beauty products there.

A console for storage

Maisons du monde Depending on the type of console you choose, you can take advantage of this piece of furniture to store some things. Don't hesitate to place books on a lower shelf and put some papers in the drawers.

A console as a side table in the dining room

Maisons du monde To help you in the dining room, the console can be useful as a side table that will take the dishes before serving to be as close as possible to the table. Do not hesitate to install the plates for dessert or the glasses for the aperitif.

A console as a table support

Maisons du monde You do not want to break through walls to install paintings? The console will serve as an easel to support your wall decorations against the wall. It is also a good solution if your table is very heavy. And it's very decorative!

A console to dress a wall

Mark Mobilier Contemporain Do you want to dress an empty wall in your room? A console will take up little space giving maximum effect and will also allow you to install a light that will create a certain atmosphere in your room.

A console for breakfast in bed

Ikea If you enjoy spending time in bed for breakfast or even working, a console can be useful. Make sure that it is the width of the bed to be able to install it straddling the latter and benefit from a work plan when you are installed.

A console in the entrance

AL26.98 Finally, the console finds its perfect place in the entrance where it will serve as a storage compartment for keys, for example. And its small size is particularly suitable for entry.


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