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Essential white in the living room

Essential white in the living room

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Maison & Objet set the tone last September by proposing the "essential" theme as a decoration guideline for the coming months. Also, white is therefore an obvious way to make the living room a space of purity, simple while being elegant.

A warm white living room

Ikea In this room, the entire decor is white and it is the diversity of materials that brings warmth to the whole. The carpets are soft, the sofa is covered with cushions, and the whole is framed by beautiful curtains.

White on white

La Redoute For elegant and very light walls, you can opt for a white on white by choosing white furniture that you will fix on a white wall. The furniture then disappears from view for a feeling of space.

White floors and walls

Saint Maclou In this living room, all the decor is white except for the sofa and its cushions. It is therefore the walls and floors that set the scene with bright white paint and very bright white tiles.

Charming white

Saint Maclou In this charming living room, white is installed on the walls and some pieces of furniture. For a beautiful harmony in the decor, we chose a slightly bleached parquet that supports the entire living room.

Bright white

Ikea If you have beautiful windows, white will be ideal to enhance the brightness of your interior. We put on white walls, white sofas and some pieces of furniture and we add a white with a touch of beige in the carpet to warm the atmosphere.

White design

Fly For a designer living room, you can bet on white by choosing a sofa and white furniture with very pure lines. On the wall, you will opt for a very light gray and almost white concrete effect to obtain a monochrome effect.

Cozy white

Fly In this living room, we played with subtlety with white and a very light gray tone in order to give relief to the decor. A few very light touches of green further enhance the decor and give it its character.

White stone

Homology For a white and original style, one can bet on trompe-l'oeil wallpaper which imitates white stone. Then, we complete the decor with a white armchair, white curtains and immaculate decorative accessories.

White library

MDF Italia In this living room, everything is white from floor to ceiling with the exception of a few accessories which give relief to the whole. Two cushions brighten up the sofa, and the books in the library add color to the decor.