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Bathrooms for inspiration

Bathrooms for inspiration

The bathroom is no longer just a room dedicated to hygiene, it is also the scene of moments of relaxation. And to make the place particularly pleasant, we take care of the decor of the bathroom with 10 ideas to steal in the bathrooms of hotels or individuals.

A dark bathroom

The traditional white is well behind us! Today, we allow ourselves walls, a floor and a ceiling in very dark tones like this tiling which imitates concrete. To lighten the whole, we then choose a few white elements such as the bathtub, the sinks and some lighting.

A bathroom focused on the material

To give character to this bathroom, we have bet on different materials. Here we find a textured tile that imitates stone, wood for the shelves but also a basin and vases in a very shiny finish to create a beautiful harmony in the room.

A romantic bathroom

To create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, you can use the tiling. For this, choose square tiles in different shades of light pink to create a very soft mosaic effect. Then choose a large mirror that will enlarge the space.

A contemporary bathroom

To offer you a contemporary bathroom, you will have to bet on furniture with fairly designer lines. Think for example of a black wooden basin which will contrast with the white basins. Bet on a large mirror to enlarge the space. And put a trendy color like blue in the tiles near the bathtub.

A fashionable bathroom

For a trendy bathroom and a touch of fashion, we will opt for sleek and black furniture that will recall the timeless little black dress. In terms of decoration, we choose a psyche mirror to be installed above the sink to remind the mirrors of the fitting rooms and create an original style. We will voluntarily leave the beauty products in view on the vanity area.

A marble bathroom

For a very chic and masculine style, marble will do wonders. In this bathroom, it installs in total look on the walls and the floor for a very elegant rendering. The shower cabin is installed transparently to enhance the material.

A bathroom between tradition and modernity

In this bathroom, styles mix to create a decor between tradition and modernity. Wood inspires tradition while metal, games of transparency and the original mirror bring modernity to the room.

A rustic bathroom

In this bathroom, character is honored with highly textured wood both on the floor and on the furniture or exposed beams. Even the bathtub has a wood finish which gives the room a very chic rustic decor.

A charming bathroom

For a charming bathroom, we will rely on furniture with lines of yesteryear with shelves as vanity unit and taps and a retro mirror. More ideas for the bathroom here!