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Live in it like in the garden!

Live in it like in the garden!

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Autumn has indeed arrived, and deprives us in particular of the garden until next April. However, we can invite plants and garden furniture indoors ... here are 10 ideas for living in it as in the garden!

A very green decor

Fly ### Another way to celebrate the garden until the end of winter? Bet on a very green decor!

A deckchair in the living room

Fly ### Deckchairs, a summer dream? Not at all ! You only have to see this interior model to understand that a chic and comfortable relaxing break is also welcome in the middle of November!

A vegetable garden all year round

AM.PM ### If you have a green thumb, it is out of the question to rest for 6 months of the year. We install a vegetable garden inside!

Plentiful autumn bouquets

Fly ### Let's not neglect the flowers and branches of autumn and winter! Sheltered in a pretty vase, their elegant silhouette sows a natural charm in the house…

Fruit from the garden and not from the market

Ikéa ### Life in the garden also means eating what grows there. So until there are no more apples or zucchini to pick, we continue to taste the fruits of our plantations.

Candles with garden scents

H2O at Home ### To reconnect with the essences of the garden, we fill up with scented candles! Scents of moss, geraniums or wood: here is how to deceive our senses and celebrate the beautiful season even in winter.

A hammock even in cold weather

Delamaison ### Synonymous with idleness, the hammock is in the spotlight in summer. But installed in the living room in the middle of winter, it creates a total change of scenery.

Grilling in the kitchen

Goal ### Yes to grilling without a garden! A year-end barbecue in the kitchen, awakens our taste buds and allows us to find a summer scent…

Outdoor furniture in it

Ikéa ### And why not transform outdoor furniture into everyday furniture? Will it not be forgotten for almost a semester? What create an air of terrace or garden in the house ...


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