Create a baby corner in a master bedroom

Create a baby corner in a master bedroom

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Whether you do not have enough space to dedicate a baby room or you prefer to keep your little one close to you, having a baby corner in a parental room can be a good solution. To help you with your baby's arrival, here are a few ideas to integrate his room into yours.

An all in one room

Vertbaudet If you lack space in the master bedroom, you can opt for a single module which will act as an all-in-one bedroom. In a minimum of space, you will find a bed, storage, a changing table and even an armchair to give the bottle. On the decorative side, a wall in your bedroom with soft wallpaper and a carpet will set the tone.

A bed near yours

Ikea To install a baby corner in your room, you can simply place a baby bed in the corner of the room closest to you. The space will be defined and you will keep an eye on your baby.

A baby space in a corner

La Redoute If your room has a recess or a slightly remote space, take advantage of two walls to install a bed and a changing table. Opt for classic furniture in the same color as your walls so that the furniture does not clutter your eyes too much.

A simple crib in the bedroom

AM.PM So that the baby corner fits perfectly in your room, simply put on a cradle that will match the decor codes of your room. Do not hesitate to choose a model that comes out of the classic cribs for a more decorative effect.

A bedroom separated by a curtain

Ikea To dedicate a corner of your room to your baby, you can simply opt for a curtain that will close the two spaces. You will have two bedrooms in the same room while maintaining your privacy.

A bedroom separated by Japanese panels

Castorama In the same way, if your room is large enough, you can choose to cut it using Japanese panels that will create a kind of partition. You can leave the space open or close it as you wish.

A bedroom in a dressing room

Ikea If your room has a large space dedicated to the dressing room, you can replace it with a baby room which will be attached to yours. The baby will have his space while being close to you!