Small spaces: a room for two children

Small spaces: a room for two children

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A double room


Here, we chose instead to create a cocoon of softness and harmony with identical beds and bed linen for the two children. And so that there is no jealousy, everything is duplicated: the lights, the storage boxes and even the dressers.

Each in his corner


In this child's room, it is the layout of the space that offers everyone their privacy. The beds are identical but each is placed in a corner and they are separated by the office space. To enhance privacy, bed skies provide a cocoon for children.

Face-to-face beds


Why not create a kind of symmetry in the room where each child would have their own mirror room from the other. Here, the beds face each other but the two parts of the room are delimited by different wallpapers.

A child / baby bedroom


It is not only children of the same age who can share their room. Indeed, you can completely cohabit a young child with a baby. The cot with bars will then make it possible to delimit the two spaces.

Two children and a space-saving mission

Leroy Merlin

If you have to accommodate two children in a room but still want to leave them a substantial space for play, you can opt for a bed that will fit under the first like a drawer. During the day, children have room to play and at night, the two little ones have a comfortable bed.

A room separated by Japanese walls

Leroy Merlin

If your room is large enough to separate it in half, do not hesitate to install Japanese walls to delimit the two spaces. Thus, each child will have their privacy but the panels can be opened for play time.

Bunk beds


To accommodate two children in a minimum of space, the bunk beds are a good idea. Each child will have their own privacy space for the night and they will share the room for games.

Three children taking the place of one


Are you short of space but need to accommodate three children? Did you know that there are bunk beds to accommodate three children and thus take the place of a single bed to give them space to play.

Three beds side by side

Leroy Merlin

If your room is long, then you will have no trouble installing three children in the room by placing the beds side by side. Use a different headboard for each child to personalize each child's space.

An original way to stack the beds

Catherine's house

Less traditional than the usual bunk bed, this system is nevertheless very practical. It allows you to slide into the space then freed up a few storage shelves and why not a bedside table.

Color mixing

Houses of the world

When a little boy and a little girl share a room, it is not always easy to decide on the right color or colors to adopt. So we mix pink and blue on both sides of the room. In this way, there is no jealous!

Beds that drop down when you go to sleep

Loggia area

Difficult when already installing two beds in the children's room, to slip in addition to a desk and storage. Fortunately with the Loggia mobile tray system, the bed does not drop down until bedtime, and the office is accessible for the rest of the day.

Separated with large closets

Leroy Merlin

In this room, everyone's space is perfectly delimited thanks to clever storage solutions. More practical than a wall, it allows you to slide all their clothes and all their toys.

A normal bed and another raised one


Another way to offer each of your children their sleeping area: a normal bed glued to another raised one. Their little extras: large storage drawers to save even more space.

A central piece of furniture


Here, the universe of the sister and the brother are respected thanks to a central storage unit which allows to delimit the space of one and the other. If the beds are the same, the pink wardrobe gives a small indication of the location of your little girl.

A double bunk bed

Houses of the world

When children share a room, they can rarely invite friends to sleep for lack of space. Unless we install each a bunk bed!

A bed in the drawer


Notice to blended families, whose children must share the room only on weekends, opt for the additional mattress solution in the drawer.

A storage system to separate

Leroy Merlin

We like the mirror side of this room where everyone has exactly the same living space. The little extra? The storage cubes that create the separation between the two beds so that none encroaches on the universe of the other.

A small dormitory


So that two beds become four in the blink of an eye, we choose this retro model in wrought iron under which a mattress on casters slides easily. Useful when friends come to sleep at home.


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