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A collection of very couture headboards

A collection of very couture headboards

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Surprising and born of a unique knowledge, the creations of the English artist Helen Amy Murray for Savoir Beds, bring another dimension to the bed. This young designer, who has made herself known for her exceptional work as a sculptor on fabric, transforms matter by bringing it into relief as one would carve wood or stone. And when the English fairy-fingered designer meets the know-how of the bedding brand Service Beds, it is to offer a collection of headboards that gives pride of place to refinement and delicacy.

A headboard for beauty

** Without ostentation, the large palm leaf that radiates above your head can be subtly guessed and creates a discreet relief directly in the material. **

A headboard for fun

** Very romantic with the flower with finesse arranged in the center, this headboard perfectly prints the delicacy and the know-how of the designer Helen Amy Murray. **

A headboard for comfort

** By its imposing dimension and the refinement of the design on the sides, this headboard will immediately camp the bed in the bedroom. **

A headboard for style

** Another source of inspiration for the designer, architecture. There, the Art Deco spirit that emerges from the headboard recalls certain Manhattan buildings from the 1930s. **

Decorative zoom

** We spend a third of our lives sleeping, just as much time doing fun as well! **

Decorative Zoom

** A real surgical work for which the designer has filed a patent. **

Decorative zoom

** The pointed work of the designer is perfectly expressed through this illustration. The attention to detail and the remarkable work reveals all of its know-how. **