Le Corbusier x Arte: polychromic wallpaper

Le Corbusier x Arte: polychromic wallpaper

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Innovative in the wallcovering market, the ARTE specialist once again surprised by developing this new collection inspired by the concepts of renowned designer Le Corbusier. These wallcoverings are therefore innovative, elegant and amazing. Find the entire Le Corbusier range quickly on the Arte-international website.

Bright and vibrant wallpaper

Arte Whether it is STONE wallpaper or UNITY wallpaper, both provide pleasant light in the room. Combine them with light fixtures or golden decoration to reveal all the brilliance!

White or colored wallpaper

Arte Whether you want to dress your walls in white or in color, the wallpaper from the Le Corbusier collection will stand out with surprising visual effects.

A classic wallpaper with character

Arte Gray, white or taupe, PAVILION and STONE papers are both contemporary and borrowing a certain authenticity as soon as the room is dressed with suitable furniture. Here are two ranges of wallpaper with a certain character.

A chic and striking wallpaper

Arte A monochrome of gray highlighted by STONE wallpaper with striking reflections and elegant furniture. The animal skin brings the warmth that this piece lacked.

Color in your room

Arte Add some pep to your room by placing a flashy UNITY wallpaper on one of the walls in your room. You do not dare to cross the course? Choose the surprising DOTS paper covered with ink beads in contrasting colors and add a touch of color using an accessory. Guaranteed effect!

A 3D effect wallpaper

Arte Whether on an entire wall or in small touches, blue is inviting into our interiors. The Le Corbusier collection by Arte offers two coatings including Squares paper with 3D effect for a rendering that will surprise more than one.

An elegant coating

Arte Sober and chic, this Le Corbusier wallpaper can be placed in rooms with diverse and varied styles. By accompanying it with designer furniture, you will obtain a very refined piece.

Contrast on your walls

Arte Because your walls deserve the best, Arte offers you the DOTS wallpaper from the Le Corbusier collection. With its beads of contrasting colors, this wall covering is a real pleasure for the eyes!

A character wallcovering

Arte Inspiration is the source of Arte's exceptional work. The proof with this wall covering, which displays character and relief thanks to these different colors and its three-dimensional textile. A feat for a unique material.