10 really stylish industrial kitchens

10 really stylish industrial kitchens

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Succeeding in an industrial kitchen takes very little. Bricks, some imposing decorative elements, raw materials and voila!

An industrial kitchen like no other

Scavolini Very chic and very sober, this industrial kitchen impresses. Its surprising colors and contemporary furniture contrast perfectly with the lights, the hood and the dresser straight out of another era. Source: Scavolini

Bricks, bricks and more bricks

Snaidero If the furniture seems rather ordinary here, it is indeed the brick wall and some decorative elements that give this kitchen its industrial style. Source: Snaidero

Industrial decor in your kitchen

Victor Hugo An old-fashioned tiled floor, imposing light fixtures, a family table in raw wood and steel shelves: here is the winning combination for this industrial kitchen! Source: domozoom

Pipes in his kitchen

kuda photography Furniture that is both rustic and modern, a section of brick red wall, exposed piping that imposes: this is the recipe for a successful industrial kitchen! Source: Novoceram

An industrial kitchen with amazing walls

Marchicucine Metal and wood are also the main assets of this industrial kitchen. The slate paint that covers the walls of this room makes it both fun and functional: a little "plus" not negligible. Source: Inspirationcuisine

A simple, but effective decoration

Ikea For an industrial kitchen, play on the mix and match! As here with this pretty kitchen: suspended stainless steel, slate walls and mismatched chairs. Source: Ikea

Reused furniture

Maisons du Monde Do not hesitate to install a large convivial table in your industrial kitchen: an old reused piece of furniture will bring an unparalleled charm to your room! Source: Maisons du Monde

An industrial steel kitchen

Arclinea Like many industrial kitchens, this is mainly made of steel. To warm the room, decorative items and wooden furniture were arranged in small touches. A very modern kitchen with a certain industrial spirit. Source: Inspirationcuisine

A colorful industrial kitchen

Maisons du Monde Again, a large family table mixing wood and steel was installed in the kitchen of this loft. Equipped with chairs typical of the industrial period and imposing decorative elements, this kitchen perfectly meets the requirements of style! Source: Maisons du Monde


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