Spotlight on vanity units

Spotlight on vanity units

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True icons of beauty, the hairdressers took possession of a corner of the room to display their display of varnish, jewelry, creams and makeup. Physically, there is something for everyone! Here are 10 that don't lack personality.


Ikéa ### Favorite for this atypical dressing table whose assembly of drawers forms an architectural architectural package. To top it all off, its light wood trim and round handles inject a chic, natural touch into the bedroom…


Castorama ### In the form of a wall shelf fitted with a lifting tray and an integrated drawer, this dressing table adopts the "extra" formula, ideal for small spaces!


Ikéa ### Here is a dressing table that leaves no one indifferent. Golden mirror, sar lodge-style lighting, mirror furniture: for those who love everything that shines, this is the dream beauty spot!


Goal ### Absolute charm for the patina range - armchair, furniture and mirror - forming the dressing table corner. Bathed in a sweetness of yesteryear, its romantic and precious style is nicely accentuated by the bouquet of greenery in a vase, the wicker basket, and the glass boxes above the furniture.


Ikéa ### This dressing table on a wooded background dressed light. Beauty accessories, jewelry, makeup and company are stored, only a mirror and a tutu dance floor lamp stands out from the decor to sow a glam 'but refined atmosphere.

2 in 1

La Redoute ### Not only dedicated to our beauty sessions, this dressing table turns into an office once its liftable tray is lowered. A 2-in-1 combination very practical when space is scarce.

Absolute white

Maisons du Monde ### Intense whiteness for this dressing table corner halfway between retro and romantic style. We particularly like its oval mirror and its transparent storage accessories…

Total black

La Redoute ### Between elegance, character and romance, this black dressing table will amaze you.


Maisons du Monde ### Rather than adopting a theatrical setting, this dressing table plays the card of discretion: magnifying extra mirror, chest of drawers with multiple drawers and small piece of furniture with transparent shelves. Unless you pay attention to the beauty products on display, it's hard to see that it's a dressing table!