Christmas garlands take over the garden

Christmas garlands take over the garden

You don't have to be a child to marvel at the magic of the end of the year! Besides, the preventive purchase of some pretty garlands already confirms this. It remains to stage them in the garden…

Hanging on the door

Ikea ### Second idea for the front door: cover it with a garland forming a huge heart! A great introduction to party decoration…

Sublimating shrubs

Truffaut ### The shrubs in the garden allow themselves a little festive customization called "Christmas wreath". A luminous touch which awakens in beauty their greenery tarnished by the cold.

On a tree perched

Nature & Discovery ### Clinging to the branches of a tree, a series of light garlands illuminate the garden, giving it volume. Chic!

Around a plant pot

Delamaison ### Create the wonderful by wrapping a light garland around a plant pot, it's easy and as a bonus, the rendering is very decorative.

Wrapped around a hedge

Ikéa ### The boundaries of the garden suddenly gain in grace thanks to Christmas lights. A nice end-of-year exclusivity to share with the sidewalk or the neighbor!

Falling from the roof

Ikea ### Yes to the garlands falling vertically from the roof to the ground to create the sensation of starry rain…

Dressing up the pergola

Delamaison ### Who would have thought that the garden pergola would get a second boost in the middle of winter? However, decorated with multicolored light garlands, it is to die for.

Hidden in a fir tree

Truffaut ### For those fortunate enough to have two trees: one in the living room, one in the garden, there is no question of excluding the second from string lights, or Christmas balls for that matter!

Dressing the outdoor bench

Jardiland ### For some time, the outdoor bench has been unemployed, low temperatures mean that. Unless you are going to dress it up in star garlands in the near future to turn it away, seemingly nothing, in decorative Christmas decorations…