Full of ideas to make your own Christmas tree

Full of ideas to make your own Christmas tree

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Celebrating Christmas Eve in a vacation rental, having a tight end-of-year budget or being eco-friendly, that generally means forgetting the "Christmas tree" box. But this year, no private magic excuse will be considered valid! Because with boxes, a sticker, a garland or cardboard, it's super easy to improvise a tree, creative, thornless and inexpensive! We are full of ideas…

Create a Christmas tree with boxes

LSA International ### Put aside all kinds of boxes: cake boxes, shoe boxes… Paint them with white paint, lightly bomb them with gold and silver, then superimpose them on top of each other in a pyramid. Isn't it absolutely stunning your bespoke Christmas tree?

Create a Christmas tree with a sticker

Art for Kids ### Wall stickers are a great option for planting a Christmas decor in no time!

Create a Christmas tree with fabric

Ikéa ### Thanks to a photo of a fir tree printed on a large fabric, we erect, in express mode, a wall Christmas tree, to be customized as desired! An idea to replace why not by drawing a tree on XXL paper, before affixing what we want: surprise bags, garlands, self-adhesive balls…

Create a Christmas tree with a branch

The Cat ### Easy to divert a large branch picked up in the woods as a Christmas tree. It is enough to do this by planting it in a pot or stalling it with objects on the ground, before decorating it with suspensions and garlands. Poetic, romantic and so original!

Create a Christmas tree with masking tape

Ikéa ### The "masking tape" decorative adhesive adds a splash to our Christmas decor. Thanks to strips of the same size to stick on the wall or window, we draw up, in the blink of an eye, a silhouette that is very familiar to us during this festive period…

Create a Christmas tree with driftwood

Robin du Lac ### For those who celebrate Christmas by the sea, know that it is enough to collect driftwood on the beach to create a very natural Christmas tree… After having formed the main structure following the pace of 'a fir tree, we fill its interior with other driftwood and glue. We love !

Create a Christmas tree with a garland

La Redoute ### 8 pieces of pre-cut scotch tape and a pretty paper garland, that's what you need to put up a wall tree like this one. Fastoche!

Create a Christmas tree with wire

La Chat ### Very architectural, the tree here gives us an idea. That of forming a Christmas tree with wire! Very malleable and at the same time consistent, this choice should allow to raise an unusual and creative structure on which it only remains to have a few Christmas suspensions ...

Create a Christmas tree with a canvas

Poisson Bulle ### Thanks to a pretty canvas adorned with fir trees, we highlight the Christmas tree as we have rarely done. A subtle and rapid staging!