Impressionist trip to the La Licorne hotel

Impressionist trip to the La Licorne hotel

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Treat yourself to a stroll through one of the most beautiful beech forests in Europe, in a unique heritage site, combining nature, culture and Norman architecture. A small emblematic hotel built in Lyons-la-Fôret in 1610, La Licorne offers 21 rooms with timeless elegance and charm. The decoration is strongly inspired by the neighboring country, Belgium. Rejuvenate in the forest, in the middle of nature ...

A contemporary living room

DR The lounge of the La Licorne hotel benefits from a contemporary decoration, in contrast to the historic building. Many artists in love with nature, such as Jean Renoir, Maurice Ravel or Simone de Beauvoir, came to find peace and a unique and warm serenity.

The tea room of the La Licorne hotel

DR A tearoom that mixes ancient history with its earthenware floor and its 1768 fireplace and contemporary history thanks to a collection by the famous photographer Brassai. Relax in this place dedicated to reading and rest, in silence and absolute comfort ...

Le Clos Caboche, a prestigious room

DR Le Clos Caboche, a prestigious room with a large bed, a claw-foot bathtub and toilets, with a view of the garden.

Make way for history at La Licorne Royale restaurant

DR At the restaurant La Licorne Royale, make way for History: you savor a refined dinner amidst the love letters of Napoleon Bonaparte and his marshals.

The Enraged Mare, a privilege room

Hôtel La Licorne La Mare Enragère, a privilege room with two beds, garden view and bathroom with bath and toilet.


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