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My Christmas decor in recuperation mode

My Christmas decor in recuperation mode

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Your next decorative goal? Christmas ! The only downside? The budget ! The solution ? Recovered ideas! As a gift, here is our list of ideas to steal…

A do-it-yourself Christmas tree

Ikéa ### A fir tree without thorns, a fir tree at 0 cents, it's possible thanks to a DIY workshop that involves cardboard, painting and cutting!

A special Christmas lamp

Ikéa ### String lights do not have a monopoly on festive lighting at Christmas! Just customize a lamp with decorative suspensions to prove the opposite. We love the idea!

A homemade Advent calendar

Stash ### With a few cardboard boxes to repaint in white and number from 1 to 24, we make a full-size Advent calendar. A fun workshop to do with children for a decorative, inexpensive and very personalized look!

A magical sky

Ikéa ### On the ceiling, we hang branches gathered from the white curved woods. A natural frosty sky to complete why not, small balloons or silver gifts…

A light garland in the heart

Truffaut ### On the front door, we say welcome to the guests thanks to a light garland attached to the door in the shape of a heart. Simple but effective !

A fir branch

Fly ### With silver bomb, it's easy to sublimate a fir branch picked from the forest. Hanging the air of nothing at the door of the entrance, it makes a beautiful effect!

A servant to decorate

Truffaut ### After the sweet treats, it's time for Christmas balls to garnish a large cake server. Chic and original!

Christmas balls in the air

Linvosges ### In the air, satin ribbons of colors skillfully wearing pretty Christmas balls create surprise…

Patterns hanging on a decorative ribbon

La Redoute ### We cut out of cardboard, shapes traditionally linked to the Christmas period: hearts, stars, snowmen, snowflakes… Hanging on decorative ribbons, they participate in a wall decoration, poetic but not expensive…