H&M Home: Christmas 2015 collection

H&M Home: Christmas 2015 collection

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Christmas is fast approaching and you still have not decorated your interior as it should be? The H & M Home Christmas 2015 collection is waiting for you!

Golden and silver Christmas candles

H&M Home What could be better than festive colors like gold and silver to decorate your home for Christmas? These beautiful glitter candles are the chic decorative element that you must have at home!

Christmas invites itself into the child's room!

H&M Home Whether on the bed linen, on the cushions or even in the form of a flag garland, Christmas is also invited in your child's room for his greatest pleasure.

A silver table for Christmas

H&M Home Elegant, refined and discreet, here is a silver table decoration that should appeal to more than one for the Christmas holidays!

Christmas candle holders

H&M Home At Christmas, we love candles and the heat they emit. And if they are associated with golden candlesticks that recall the festive event that is Christmas, it's even better!

A sweet Christmas decor

H&M Home With white, gold and pink hues, this Christmas table decoration is unparalleled softness. Very feminine, it will however suit a large number of people ... men or women!

A little red for Christmas

H&M Home By choosing a red and white decoration for Christmas, there is no doubt that you will be completely in the theme! You can then opt for a beautiful red tablecloth and more sober decorative elements or conversely for a sober decoration decorated with a few red candles for example.

A traditional Christmas

H&M Home If wood and natural colors are in fashion, it is not for nothing and Christmas decoration is no exception. Warm and friendly, the traditional Christmas decoration is adorned with organic materials and a few candles.

The essential: Christmas balls

H&M Home Noël would not be what it is without these essential Christmas balls that you can hang on your tree or simply have a table on either side. Discreet or more colorful: there is something for everyone!

A pretty bedding set for Christmas

H&M Home Because Christmas is also an opportunity to please your children, here is a duvet cover whose motif should please them a lot! Source: H&M Home


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