Glass interior doors: our selection

Glass interior doors: our selection

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Glazed, semi-glazed door or inspired by the workshop canopies of yesteryear, sliding, pivoting, folding or hinged door, aluminum, PVC or wood, motorized or not… not always easy to find a glass door adapted to its interior there are so many models on the market. To help you in your approach, the editorial team invites you to discover its selection to modulate your room, optimize space and brightness or bring it a decorative touch. Discovery!

Glass workshop spirit

Castorama Otherwise, you can always bet on its semi-glazed pendant seen at Castorama. This will quickly become the charming asset of your bathroom.

Separate without partitioning

Ferrero Legno At a time when every inch counts, sliding doors are becoming more and more attractive. Aesthetic, they offer comfort, space saving and allow to separate without going through the partition box. A good reason therefore to adopt the Delineo 2 glass door seen at Ferrero Legno which also offers additional clarity to the room because of its white glass finish.

Modern touch

Gidea Easy and harmonious opening for the sliding glass door Anthea by Gidea which made it possible to arrange in this cozy and soothing room a practical and functional dressing room.


Gidea In addition to optimizing space, the sliding glass doors dedicated to our interiors offer modernity and originality to the rooms they dress. The proof in pictures with this model which is adorned with pretty horizontal lines.

Beautiful assembly

FritsJurgens Do you like above all to match your decoration and like glass doors of contemporary style? We have found the perfect model for you. It is the sublime pivot door with an offset axis Enzo by FritsJurgens, which coordinated with your front door will create in a short time a beautiful harmony in your spaces.

Small sanctuary

Gidea Nothing like a door with glazed frosting to preserve the privacy of each room and provide additional light with ease.


FBP Portes We like the vertical stripes and the play of colors which energize this decorative glass door and give it a resolutely modern appearance.

Total look

Garofoli For those who like to mix materials and aesthetics, Garofoli has imagined this majestic sliding wooden door, all height. Thanks to the large picture windows that accompany it, it allows you to redevelop the house and invent new spaces.

Optimizing the brightness of an adjoining room

Garofoli Thanks to a semi transparent smoke partition, the dining room benefits freely and in a very design way from the lighting of the bedroom, adjoining room.


Anyway Doors If you are looking for elegance combined with uniqueness, look at Anyway Doors' 360 ° pivot door with central axis. Design and contemporary, it will find a place of choice in all interiors, from the most classic to the most eccentric.


Rimadesio Give style to your interior by opting for the full height aluminum glazed folding door imagined by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio which will bring relief to your space, in all sobriety and simplicity. The dream !

Beautiful simplicity

Lapeyre Blond wood, four minimalist glass panes, strict curves and a refined design that goes to the essentials… it was enough for us to fall for this pretty interior door signed Lapeyre.

Beautiful transparency

Door 2000 A glass cube? No, this pretty partition, as transparent as it is aesthetic, is actually a sliding glass door in aluminum. Pretty isn't it?

Pretty clarity

Lapeyre Sober and design at the same time, this frosted glass door seen at Lapeyre will bring clarity to a dark room or windowless. Simple and efficient !


Lapeyre Very graphic, the Epure Oculus glass doors from Lapeyre will bring a nice decorative touch to your living space. White or black, motorized or not… one thing is certain, they will catch the eye of your guests.


Castorama Delicate materials and neutral tones are the first ingredients of a successful Zen space. So we do not hesitate to fall for the opaque removable partitions Geom Icosa or Gravita by Castorama whose horizontal and vertical lines will comfort this soothing atmosphere.


Castorama Admittedly, it is not a glazed door as such but we could not resist the urge to present you this sliding mirror effect which will alone allow you to visually enlarge small areas and effectively multiply the light present.


Alumil To enhance the contemporary and design character of your two-tone black and white interior, you just have to opt for the Exclusive 100 swing door from Alumil. Dressed in black aluminum it is highlighted by a large smoked glazing for a light result, in tune with the times.

Beautiful openings

FBP Doors If glass doors with small rustic panes have long gone out of fashion, other models are currently meeting a keen interest in the image of the Lola swing door which allows opening in both directions of traffic. Reinforced by linear profiles, it becomes a real piece of furniture for contemporary houses.