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Moldings in all their seams

Moldings in all their seams

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Known to give allure and character to walls, moldings multiply the possibilities of scenarios. Standing out at all costs, duplicating relief, repainted in their entirety or playing the trompe-l'oeil effect, everyone can choose their favorite ornamental look. Small list of possibilities available to you.

Like a work of art

Elitis ### Sublime wall covering praising the moldings. Reinvented in a refined style as possible without having injected a single note of color, they arouse wonder.

Zwinguant the ceiling

Fly ### Fearing not to be seen, the ceiling moldings have every interest in staging themselves with originality and fantasy. Crossed by a large strip of graphic gray and offbeat paint, they are sure not to go unnoticed.

Contrasting with wallpaper

Saint Maclou ### In the corridor leading to the living room, the base, high in moldings, gains in volume by the contrast of the flowery and creamy wallpaper affixed above it, on the rest of the wall.

In trompe l'oeil mode

The Collection ### The moldings play with us. Thanks to a truer-than-life imitation on a trompe-l'oeil wallpaper, we fall into the panel while remaining admiring the chic result obtained.

Highlighted by color

Fly ### It was with a color reminder that the highlighting of the moldings at this show was successful. Repainted in mauve like the sofa, they stand out from the crowd.

Also on the door

Brigitte Saby ### The moldings, reserved for the wall? Not at all ! On the door, oval or rectangular ornaments also make a strong impression ...

Framing the entire wall

Brigitte Saby ### Drawing of moldings from floor to ceiling for this show. Its more? Having opted for a wallpaper covering most of the wall, enough to cut with the ornaments surrounding it at the bottom, on the sides and flush with the ceiling and thus bring them to light.