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The sublimated dining room

The sublimated dining room

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The dining room is a space that deserves your attention on the decor side. Both a family room and a reception area, the dining room takes pride of place in your interior and must be up to par. Here are 20 atmospheres to inspire you.

The dining room enhanced by a round table

Paragraph Please note that the choice of your table is also to be taken into account for a harmonious and decorative dining room. For a friendly and elegant room, we put on a round table that will bring everyone together.

The dining room sublimated by color

Paragraph To give style to the dining room, dare chairs in different colors. Your dining area will be energized and you can have fun mixing colors as you wish.

The dining room sublimated by the floor

Charm and Parquet And if you opt for a specific coating for the dining room space. Thanks to the cement tiles, you can create a sort of patterned rug under the dining table to enhance it.

The dining room sublimated by style

La Redoute Don't hesitate to offer a very marked style to your dining room! Do you want a chic country decor? Go all the way by opting for a farm table with benches.

The dining room sublimated by originality

La Redoute In the dining room, you can have fun with bold furniture like this dining table which has neither a round nor a rectangular shape in favor of a kind of bean which hosts colorful chairs.

The dining room enhanced by the walls

Maisons du monde There is nothing like a backdrop to enhance your dining room furniture! We think of a mural that will bring out the dining table with a beautiful contrast. Bet for example on black to bring out clear furniture.

The dining room enhanced by the lighting

Ikea So that the gaze immediately grasps the location of the dining area, we think of playing with the lighting by installing beautiful XXL suspensions just above the table that hosts the meals.

The dining room enhanced by the chairs

Maisons du monde To give a certain elegance to your dining room, know that the chair covers are your allies. They give a very chic appearance to the room and offer a timeless character.

The dining room enhanced by the patterns

Fly Finally, note that you can bring a lot of style to your dining room by opting for a table that has character. We will choose for example a model whose tray sports a checkered pattern that will replace the tablecloths.

A dining room enhanced by the curtains

Ikea White table, transparent chairs, this dining room has been discreet ... until the installation of large pink curtains that set the tone for the decor.

A dining room enhanced by a breathtaking view

Maisons du Monde If you are lucky enough to have an incredible view of your house, take the opportunity to install your dining room facing the landscape. Once the bay window is clear, the room is sublimated.

A dining room enhanced by refined dishes

Alinéa To sublimate the dining room, also remember to choose your dishes carefully when hosting a few guests. On a blond wooden table, we favor plates with pure lines and white color.

A dining room enhanced by the decor

Ikéa The little decor should not be overlooked in the dining room. Here it is the frames on the wall, the pendant lamp with a retro look and the small bright red sideboard that sublimate the decor with ease.

A dining room enhanced by a dresser

Maisons du Monde In this dining room, it is indeed the dresser that is essential to become the centerpiece. We love its large windows which ventilate the decor and through which our most beautiful dishes are exposed.

A dining room sublimated by green plants

Fly Favorite for this exotic style dining room totally in tune with the times. To sublimate it, we dare the multiplication of green plants across the room in pretty colored pots.

A dining room enhanced by an imposing table

Maisons du Monde A beautiful and large table that sits in the middle of the dining room? Here is an idea easy to reproduce to sublimate this room of conviviality.

A dining room enhanced by a mix of seats

Ikéa The trend is to mix seats around the dining table. For this, we install chairs in gray metal, others in black or light wood which enhance the decor. You can also add some cushions or fur blankets to add a personal and warm touch.

A dining room enhanced by a decor worthy of a boat

Maisons du Monde In this dining room, the decor gives the room all its character. Wooden wall and porthole seem to have been recovered on an old boat and decorative accessories such as the buoy, the lantern or the paddle affirm the seaside look.

A dining room sublimated by materials

Ikéa To give a Scandinavian look to your dining room, it is on the materials that you have to bet to sublimate it. Of course, we opt for a table in raw pine and on small benches also in Nordic style.


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