Beautiful calendars for 2016

Beautiful calendars for 2016

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The year ending, it is time for you to get your next calendar 2016. The one that will allow you to keep in mind appointments, birthdays and other events to come. To help you, the editorial team invites you to discover its 10 calendars as useful as decoration. Warning the eyes !

Typographic sheet

Slanted Typo lovers will fall for the 2016 edition of the very designer calendar of Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit, Typodarium. The principle: expand your knowledge and discover the history of the different fonts through the daily presentation of a new typeface.

Abstract and monochrome representation

Yulya Plotnik Special mention for this calendar as graphic as trendy that we owe to the Russian illustrator Yulya Plotnik. The originality of the project: repetitive black and white shapes symbolizing the spirit of the season. Footsteps in the snow, apples or buds that point to the end of their leaves… it's now up to you to find out what time of year everyone is referring to!

A well-inspired calendar

Memovoco If we had to keep only one calendar for this new year 2016, it would undoubtedly be the Memovoco 2016 from the publishing house Luczak Scheuring. The reason: this one succeeded the somewhat crazy bet to convince 365 artists, illustrators and designers from twenty five different countries to feed the pages of its very graphic calendar placed under the theme of life.

A variable geometry calendar

Dozi According to the 2016 calendar, Dozi the creator at the origin of this project seems particularly to like manipulating the forms and the colors and looking for new combinations to dazzle us. So seduced?

A poetic calendar

Anthropology We really like these twelve highly stylized illustrations with classic typography where forest animals are honored. An artistic and poetic version that we like to contemplate.


Artetcarton Lovers of construction games this is the DIY calendar that you will absolutely have to get. Your mission if you accept it: design using the elements provided this unusual but no less charming cathedral. A good way to combine business with pleasure.

A black and white graphic calendar

TelleQuelle To contrast with a black wall, adopt this calendar in 2016 which will add a touch of finesse and elegance to your interior. We can easily imagine it above our desk. Not you ?

A Star Wars calendar

JodexPhoto Have you been won over by the Star Wars saga? Then you will undoubtedly fall in love with this quirky calendar which will immerse you throughout the year in the galactic universe so special of this stunning film. To shop without further delay!

A calendar inspired by urban art

Busk Happy Street Year is the name given to the 2016 wall calendar imagined by Busk magazine, specializing in the urban culture of Hérault. Each month is presented a photo of a street art work taken in the streets of Sète and Montpellier, supplemented by a presentation of the artist in question. Offered for sale in a limited edition, it will certainly appeal to street art lovers!