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Accessorize the bathroom naturally

Accessorize the bathroom naturally

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Combining natural ambiance and bath time? We succumb. Our shopping list to succeed this decidedly revitalizing bet.

With rattan baskets

Spoiler ### On the storage side, it will be… rattan baskets! One condition: expose them to everyone in sight!

With wooden blocks

Linvosges ### Used as nesting tables, these raw wood blocks accommodate towels and bath accessories while injecting a very natural touch to the decor.

With a braided chest

Spoiler ### Metal frame and water hyacinth covering for this decidedly chic natural chest. Inside, we store bath linen and stocks of care or beauty products. But it can also be used as an extra seat!

With a wooden mirror

Fly ### Back to basics with this wooden mirror that has nothing to envy to high-tech and futuristic models.

With a wooden towel rack

Leroy Merlin ### The dress code for this towel rack is the same: total wood look for a 100% natural look.

With a bushy stool

Leroy Merlin ### The fur style is out with this extra stool. To use as desired, as a seat or as a linen deposit, we like its naturally warm look.

With a vegetal touch

### Materials (wood, rattan, etc.) do not have a monopoly on nature. Because to bring well-being into the bathroom, a vegetable note is always welcome.

With a suspension decorated with wooden slices

### This is an imposing suspension that meets our expectations. Entirely dressed in wooden slices, it becomes a decorative object in its own right, perfectly combining nature and design style.

With an acacia grating

### At our feet, we have a wooden grating (or acacia to be more precise), just to brilliantly complete our natural accessorization of the water room.