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Dress up the trees in the garden with Christmas hanging lights

Dress up the trees in the garden with Christmas hanging lights

How about taking the trees in the garden for Christmas trees? Thanks to a few well-chosen suspensions, this diversion or metamorphosis makes a strong impression in our green space ... almost white. It remains to choose their style!


### Minimalism, purity and delicacy, that's what this Christmas tree evokes. His secret? Branches covered with light and airy suspensions alternating between light wood, extra white, transparency and metal.


### Bohemian composition for this external branch, not afraid to mix shapes and colors. Take it or leave it !


### Stars and hearts decorated with wooden rings and domed in gold come and charm our exterior branches with a very "high mountain" touch. We succumb!


### Okay, it's a light garland that adorns this bare tree. However, nothing prevents us from taking up the idea by hanging round, red and sparkling Christmas balls to magnify in our turn, the exterior, without the staging going unnoticed.


### Presiding over the entrance, this tree claims a return to tradition with white and red suspensions. For lovers of authentic Christmas, this is what you need!


### Even the trees in the garden can have highly chic tastes. It was also converted into a Christmas tree, not with traditional balls, but with garlands of pendants and translucent pearls. High class.


### In the garden, this tree was treated to an enchanted makeover session. On the program, stars, bells and Christmas balls surfing on a large swatch of glitter gray!


### We fell in love with these adorable pendant lights in the shape of a tree, star and heart dressed in polka dot and checkered fabrics. A girly note which should go wonderfully to our external branches.