10 ideas to energize the corridor

10 ideas to energize the corridor

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When you have a corridor that distributes the rooms in the house, it is not always easy to highlight it to make it a decorative space in its own right. To help you energize your corridor, we offer 10 easy-to-implement ideas.

A furnished hallway

If your corridor has a nice width, you will be able to furnish it like a living room. Then install armchairs, storage furniture and decorate the walls as you would for the other rooms.

A beautiful floor for the corridor

To sublimate a somewhat sad corridor, you can opt for a floor that will create the decor. For example, opt for patterned tiles or vinyl floors with an original effect.

Digital prints on the walls

To bring the corridor of the staircase that leads to the second floor to life, you can opt for an original digital print that will be installed on all of the walls to offer a daring decor.

Total look wallpaper

In the hallway, you can opt for wallpaper with character patterns. Play the total look by installing the loaded paper on the entire surface of the corridor. Similarly, do not hesitate to play with very bright colors!

A chic and simple corridor

To enhance the beautiful parquet in a corridor, you can leave the walls white and opt for some decorations. Place frames on the walls but place a few on the floor for an original effect.

A corridor, two colors

To energize the corridor, consider playing with the wall surface. In the hallway of this entrance, we opted for a basement that we painted in a much darker color than the upper part to give the wall some room.

A mirror in the hallway

Mirrors are real assets to modify the proportions of your corridor. Do not hesitate to install a large model at the end of the corridor or at the end of a staircase to give room to the room.

An art gallery corridor

How about your hallway like an art gallery? All you have to do is choose identical frames that you will install along the entire length of your corridor to give it a new perspective.

A carpet to enhance the hallway

To give a chic and comfortable look to your hallway (or even your stairs), think of the carpet that you will place along the way to guide your guests around the house. Don't hesitate to roll out the red carpet for a sublime corridor!


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