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10 frame walls on the stairs

10 frame walls on the stairs

Nothing like pretty frames hanging on the walls to vibrate the decoration of a room. Installed horizontally or vertically, superimposed or placed on the floor ... discover 10 different and trendy ways to hang your photos, paintings or posters on your staircase. Explanation in pictures!


Chaunte Vaughn / Meta Coleman for Cup of Jo The staircase is a particularly suitable passage area for displaying your photos. For careful decoration, install them at different heights. Guaranteed effect! Source: Cup of Jo


Rip 3D To highlight the wall of your staircase, use your frames. For this, you can arrange them horizontally or vertically so that your decoration is well structured. Source: Rip 3D

Black & white

Our vintage home love Add value to your sober and impersonal staircase and unify your decor by opting for black and white frames and photos. Source: Our vintage home love)

Vertical line…

Yacine Aziz - Donna Griffith To extend the height of your wall, do not hesitate to install your frame wall vertically. This will be all the more obvious if you choose to use identical photo formats and frames. Source: Yacine Aziz - Desire to inspire


Stacia dunnam You can also superimpose your frames on top of each other. This will create a lively decoration, full of relief! Source: Stacia dunnam

A festive staircase

BHG / Midwest Living For those nostalgic for the holiday season, this wall decoration will allow you to perpetuate the magic of Christmas. Frames in brown and golden hues as well as a beautiful wreath of holly along the stairs. Source: The inspired room

An arty wall

Thomas J. Story / Peter Rymwid Why not proudly display your reproductions of works of art on the stairs? It is indeed an alternative to the traditional exhibition in the living room. Do not hesitate to hang your frames as high as possible to give height and depth to the room. Source: Design new jersey / Westphoria


Look at home Placed next to each other on the floor, or hung vertically, the frames will also find a place of choice under our stairs. A great way to optimize the space left empty. Source: The plumed nest

… Or horizontal

Stephane Chamard This option will make the most of a section of wall near your staircase. For more effect, a frame color harmonized with your staircase. Source: Frenchy fancy