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New year's eve table as snow

New year's eve table as snow

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A Christmas worthy of our childhood dreams is an all white Christmas! A snowy style that we adopt even at the table… Demonstration thanks to 8 frosted decorations and shoppings to discover in pictures.

Sparkling white

Alexandre Turpault ### Between whiteness, elegant transparency and silver notes, this table seems to sparkle with a thousand lights! A nice solution to the overflow of rhinestones and holiday glitter. The chic attitude settles on the New Years Eve table.

Silver white

Paragraph ### When a subtle variation of white and silver invades the festive table, it brings a subtle touch of elegance and refinement to the room. A shower of stars will complete the decor!

Pure white

Paragraph ### Bet on a nice gradient of shades and white materials, this is an effective way to accentuate the purity of a very chic Christmas table.

Snow White Christmas Table

Geneviève Lethu ## Refined white ### Yes, a total white look for a precious and frosty Christmas. Ingredients ? Careful shopping, rounded lines, designer shapes and a touch of transparency…

Gourmet white

Geneviève Lethu ### White tablecloth, white chair, white dishes… and a touch of fantasy! Because by allowing yourself a few pastel-colored pastries, you create a very gourmet festive table. So girly!

White star

Becquet ### A Christmas full of charm and sweetness, do you like it? With a few silver stars sprinkled on an entirely white table, the bet seems to have succeeded…

Graphic white

Habitat ### Fancy a white Christmas table with a pronounced graphic style? Here is a decor made for you. His secret: plates adorned with black magical designs on a white background, a note of red and a garland of pearls arranged in bulk.