We swing in the garden with our selection of hammocks and swings

We swing in the garden with our selection of hammocks and swings

The swing and the hammock have the particularity of rocking you slowly, which is ideal for taking a nap after a good barbecue, delivering a book or simply relaxing in the sun. In fabric, in metal, with parasol, to hang or put on the ground ... There is no shortage of choice! To fully enjoy the summer in the garden, we have selected several models for you to swing your green space!

Opt for a natural hanging chair

Maisons du monde What could be more poetic than an armchair hanging from a tree? Without a foot, this Natura seat will give you the impression of being in a cocoon cut off from the world. It is ideal for a reading corner or for a little sewing away from your children's play area and the hustle and bustle of your home.

A tent for young and old

Cacoon This nest hanging like a teepee will appeal to children, who can make it a cabin, but also to adults to be able to rest in the garden. Fixed with three wooden feet, it will swing you slowly from left to right. Plan a small stepladder to help the youngest to climb.

A lounge chair like no other

Priceing Do you want to be extended without lying down while swinging? Opt for this original lounge chair with a parasol to protect you from the sun. You will only have to enjoy the view of your swimming pool or your garden.

A sofa as a swing

Ethimo To have all the comfort in the garden, this model of swing designed by Patrick Norguet will allow you to sit like a sofa while swinging. Add soft cushions to create an even more cozy atmosphere.

Colorful garden furniture

Fermob The Fermob brand does not only offer fixed garden furniture. The proof, this colored steel hanging armchair hang on a tree or on a structure like a swing. Let yourself be carried away with a good book or a sunny cocktail.

A real structure

Cane-line To dress the perimeter of a swimming pool and to be able to supervise your children who bathe, install a seat like this. You will be in the shade, comfortably installed and delicately cradled. That is the demand of the people ?

Hanging a hammock

Pier Import It is a more traditional accessory but it smells good on vacation! It's up to you to hang your fabric hammock between two trees in your green space so that you can rest a few centimeters from the ground or take a nap with your baby.

Give a rustic style to your garden

Meseo With this wooden swing (Florida reference), your terrace will sport a country style ideal for summer. It is a fixed structure which, once fixed, will resist weathering and Ultra-Violet rays without deteriorating. Something to fall back into childhood by playing on the swing!

A cozy nest high up

Dedon The designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Fety imagined a place cut off from the world: a woven hanging chair in which you can lie down. Be careful to hang it on a branch strong enough to be well kept at a certain distance from the ground.

On a wooden stand

Delamaison A desire to curl up in a hammock to take a nap but you don't have trees big enough to tie it? Choose a model that has a large wooden base and can be installed wherever you want.

By the seaside

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this white wooden swing with a seaside spirit. We dream of sitting there, in the shade of a big tree, to read a good book. Not you ?

A traditional hammock

Maisons du Monde Bring a holiday air and warm sand into your garden by opting for a traditional hammock. And so that it does not denote too much in the garden, we choose it in light tones like white, beige, or taupe.

A hanging swing

La Redoute Aerial and elegant, this swing is the favorite of the editorial staff. With its large white cushion, it is resolutely chic by the pool or on a wooden terrace.

In the colors of Brazil

The Objects of the House To live to the rhythm of Brazil this summer, it is towards this green and yellow hammock that we turn. Practical and decorative, we can't wait to have a good time with the family.

A swing hammock

3 Swiss If your heart is still swinging between the hammock and the swing, choose the 2in1 option. His little extra? A mosquito net that will allow you to rest without being constantly bothered by insects.

On an iron base

Delamaison Another substitute for the wooden foot, the metal foot. As practical as its counterpart since it does not ask to have a tree in its garden, it can even find its place on a large balcony.

A rough wooden swing

Delamaison This pretty wooden swing seat seduces us with its natural hut look. To make it comfortable, we install a few soft cushions and voila. Robinson Crusoe just has to take care!

A traditional swing

Delamaison Since nostalgia in decoration is one of the trends, we opt for a traditional swing. Soft cushions, sun protection and taupe color are required to maintain a natural style.

A hanging chair

Delamaison Latest trend in date: hanging armchairs that are attached to a large branch like swings. Your children will be delighted to have fun!