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Gan: bohemian rugs to warm our interiors in 2016

Gan: bohemian rugs to warm our interiors in 2016

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Launched at the end of 2008, Gan is the indoor brand of the Gandía Blasco company. Specializing in textiles (carpets, the brand retains the quality standards of its parent company. It has surrounded itself with great designers - Patricia Urquiola, Charlotte Lancelot, Nendo, the Spanish studio Odosdesign, José A. Gandía-Blasco, current owner of the family business - to become a talented creative brand today, an overview of the new Gan products that await you in 2016.

Valentina Space Collection by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco

Gan Rugs Signed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, the designs in the Valentina Space range are inspired by haute couture embroidery, similar to hearts delicately intertwining. Graphic as desired, this is a carpet that seduces with its original and neat shape.

Colorful Smooth Rug

Gan Rugs Kaleidoscopic and a bit hypnotic, Smooth is a hand-made rug in wool felt. With its elegant geometric patterns, it will bring the touch of authenticity that was lacking in your interior.

Naga braided rug

Gan Rugs Made of wool felt, Naga offers a magnificent braided texture, sublimated thanks to a subtle combination of three shades: turquoise, light gray and anthracite gray.

Hoot warm rug

Gan Rugs Ideal for warming up the atmosphere of a loft-style room, Hoot is a virgin wool rug with a cozy comforting texture. Available in beige, taupe and gray, Hoot invites itself into your home, always with style and refinement.

Bari patterned rug

Gan Rugs From near and far, Bari offers sober patterns, tinged with warm colors. Capable of dressing a room, whatever its style, this is a rug with timeless charm.

Kilim Rodas rug

Gan Rugs A skilful blend of jute and viscose fibers, Rodas is a carpet made using the Kilim method. Designed as a hybrid between carpet and upholstery, this model combines natural style and two-tone shade, ultra trendy.

Duna graphic rug

Gan Rugs Designed by the Spanish design studio, Odosdesign, Duna offers delicate nomadic patterns. As comfortable in a Scandinavian atmosphere as in a room with a bohemian or industrial atmosphere, it recalls traditional Berber rugs.

Branch natural rug

Gan Rugs Reproducing the natural patterns of the branches, this rug is an invitation to relax. In beige as in gray, Branch will delight fans of nature or contemporary style.

Traditional Waterkeyn carpet

Gan Rugs Developed in jute fibers, Waterkeyn is a knotted carpet that has a fine weft, capable of dressing the floors of the most minimalist interiors. More info on