Build a natural swimming pool step by step

Build a natural swimming pool step by step

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Natural swimming is more and more popular with individuals to benefit from a swimming pool which blends more easily into the landscape and which does not present chemicals. Also, we offer you to understand the construction step by step of a Vertdeco natural swimming pool.

2nd step

Vertdeco To form your swimming pool, you will then install modular elements which will create the walls of the swimming pool all around the dug part. This system meets all your size requirements.

Stage 3

Vertdeco The third step is to lay the liner inside the basin in order to accommodate the water without it being in contact with the ground. It is then necessary to line the bottom and the walls with this specific material. The filtration elements are also installed outside the basin.

Step 4

Vertdeco The liner and a specific textile must also be placed on the edges of the pool which will welcome the natural vegetation for swimming. Once the liner has been placed, we have the natural materials that the plants will need at the bottom.

Step 5

Vertdeco You then have to place the technical equipment of the filtration zone, that is to say the water circuit which will allow the water to be filtered and that the latter does not stagnate. This part will then no longer be visible when the pool is finished.

Step 6

Vertdeco Precisely, once the technical area is equipped, you can cover the elements with a wooden terrace. This allows you to protect the installation and not to lose space in your garden but also to make your pool more aesthetic.

Step 7

Vertdeco Once the vegetation has been planted, you will be able to fill the pool with water, also leaving the regeneration area where the plants are located to be immersed. The swimming area almost disappears from view.


Vertdeco You then get a natural swim which blends in with the decor of your garden and whose maintenance is entirely ecological thanks to the plants. You also gain a terrace part to sit by the pool.

Natural swimming

Vertdeco When the plants develop, you will get a swimming pool surrounded by nature whose contours remain blurred for a very aesthetic wild aspect.