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The revisited tiles surprise the decor!

The revisited tiles surprise the decor!

The white and clinical tiling is well behind us because today, this wall covering never ceases to amaze us with ever more innovative models! At Carrelages des Suds, tiling has many surprises in store for you, which we invite you to discover in pictures.

Optical illusion

Southern tiles Surfacing on the fashion of optical art, this marble tile is adorned with streaks that give a certain geometric relief to the wall surface. Black lets you play the card of elegance while offering a design style.

3-dimensional wall

Carrelages du Suds These slate tiles offer a completely surprising rendering by presenting reliefs to create a sort of mosaic in 3 dimensions. The wall is discreetly animated thanks to its elegant slate color.

Wood effect

South tiles For tiling that does not look like it, we put on a pleated finish that looks like the grain of wood. The marble is divided into rectangles which give the impression that they are planks.

Precious walls

South tiles To accompany this Limoges porcelain basin entirely made in France, the tiles do not fail to be very precious with a golden and textured finish.

Stone strata

South tiles For a very rough effect on the walls, we put on a tile that will not be uniform! On the contrary, we prefer stone bars which will give relief to the wall for a stunning effect.


South tiles Whether for floors or walls, this marble has a honeycomb pattern that offers both a classic and original side to the coating. Very glamorous, he brings a feminine touch to the room he presents.

Golden brown around the basin

To give a very precious side to the basin, we use Limoges porcelain tiles that we apply in the worktop. The basin then integrates perfectly with the covering for an ultra chic bathroom.

Green wall

South tiles To give a very natural side to your interior, you will bet on an original tile with stabilized natural foam tiles that installs in damp rooms. The relief effect is incredibly stunning.