Cuisinella: the kitchens 2016

Cuisinella: the kitchens 2016

This year, Cuisinella has placed its new kitchen models under the sign of space optimization! Hidden storage, built-in elements, integrated lights… Everything is done to make the room as functional as possible while being on trend. With more or less pronounced colors, you will inevitably find your happiness!

A well hidden dining area!

Cuisinella In order not to waste space, the Pure kitchen by Cuisinella contains an extractable table one meter long. It can be used as a dining area for breakfast for example. Continuing the work plan, your room will also have a bar area, to which you can add white or black vinyl stools, at 155 euros per unit.

A kitchen that has pep's

Cuisinella To modernize your kitchen, the Color model is made for you! The tall furniture saves space and has a large work plan. The color Inca Yellow gives color to the room. Associated with a mat Taupe and a Cinammon shade, it brings a touch of light in addition. If you don't like yellow, don't panic! There are twelve different colors. Price: from 3038 euros.

Graphic shelves

Cuisinella To change the eternal storage furniture and classic kitchen elements, these colorful shelves are ideal! They will boost your kitchen and allow easier access to your dishes. It's up to you to choose their layout to create a graphic whole.

A northern wind blows over the kitchen!

Cuisinella The Scandinavian-inspired Wooden model is both refined and warm thanks to the solid oak wood. The tall furniture and the integrated lighting are very functional. If you want to have a dining area in your kitchen, add a rectangular table with retractable extension (from 989 euros) and graphic chairs (Eiffel reference), from 129 euros per unit. Price: from 3373 euros.

A compartmentalized drawer for cutlery

Cuisinella No more scattered cutlery and kitchen utensils that are no longer found! With this 120 cm drawer unit, you will be able to store all your cooking accessories in each compartment.

Store your pans

Cuisinella The Wooden kitchen of Cuisinella is equipped with large pots of 120 cm wide, which allow you to separate your different pots and pans, and especially to have access to them much more easily than if you had stacked them in a cupboard.

A piece of furniture dedicated to household appliances

Cuisinella Do you find your household appliances unsightly or don't you use them often? Hide them in this piece of furniture so as not to clutter your worktop. You can store a blender, a toaster, a coffee maker or a food processor.

A well thought-out corner unit

Cuisinella This corner unit, located under the worktop of the Wooden model by Cuisinella, can contain a lot of dishes, canned goods or containers. Thanks to its pivoting platforms on two levels, you can store all the things you want to have on hand.

A design look

Cuisinella With its chrome handles and its recessed lighting under the cupboards, this kitchen is resolutely design. But, it does not forget the practical aspect of its elements by hiding many storage spaces.