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The new inhabitants of the garden for the end of year celebrations

The new inhabitants of the garden for the end of year celebrations

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During the end-of-year celebrations, the garden is populated with new, very touching inhabitants. From Santa Claus to various animals, from children's plush to snowman, all have one thing in common: being 100% bright! Let the magic begin…

An owl

Truffaut ### Very graceful, this owl is definitely the perfect choice to wake up the garden. To perch on the branch of a tree or on the railing of the terrace.

A santa claus

Truffaut ### "Little Santa Claus, when you come down from the sky…". The December anthem should soon be sung in choir in schools, homes and the whole city. All the more reason to invite the man in the red and white coat to settle in the garden…

A dog

Truffaut ### Animal lovers should melt for this bright dog who does not seem to contain his impatience in the face of D-Day Christmas!

A snowman

Truffaut ### When you're not lucky enough to have snow to build a white snowman in the garden, you can always buy one, a light version. Or like implanting a hint of frost and magic at the foot of the door…

A reindeer

Les 3 Suisses ### What charisma! Outside, there is no shadow of a doubt, it is the reindeer that preside over the atmosphere!

A baby deer

Truffaut ### The advantage of this baby deer? Its 100% vegetable covering is ideal for the day to blend in with the garden.

A squirrel

Delamaison ### Usually in love with autumn, this squirrel has chosen to extend its breath of fresh air until the holidays by adopting a bright set!

A panda

La Redoute ### More exotic, this bright panda has also taken up residence in the garden. Because it is only really during the holidays that we can allow ourselves this kind of fantasy!

A penguin

La Redoute ### Three years ago, Disney's Happy Feet film provoked laughter and good humor on Christmas Eve. With this luminous penguin like his hero, homage is paid to him.