Christmas seen by children

Christmas seen by children

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Come on, we're going back to childhood! Because with our little eyes, parties are doubly magical. More magical than they already are? Yes. You just have to look to admit it ...

Makeover the room from top to bottom

Paragraph ### When you are as tall as three apples, asking to have your own Christmas tree and balls is not surprising. Fortunately, with some good and inexpensive creative ideas, it's easy to bring the magic of the holidays into the bedroom! Enough to make some happy little ones…

Bake holiday cakes

Paragraph ### The word Christmas makes us hungry. So quickly, it's the perfect time to have fun all afternoon in the kitchen with mom or dad! Small shortbread in the shape of a fir, reindeer or snowman, only delicacies in perspective…

Disguise stuffed animals as Santa Claus

Truffaut ### When Christmas approaches, even children's games turn to the Far North! The time has come for them to change the outfit of the dolls and stuffed animals into a red and white costume…

Celebrate Christmas before time

Truffaut ### If the last month of the year is the best, it's because we don't just take advantage of it on D-Day! Indeed, delicious traditional snacks improvised here and there help children to wait until Christmas Eve, in joy and good humor.

Fall asleep with your head in the stars

Art for Kids ### To dream of Santa Claus, treats and gifts, nothing like star and fluorescent stickers come to plant a festive decor in the room. Good night, little ones!

Make Christmas decorations

Truffaut ### Christmas weekends and holidays are more than ever the time to indulge in the production of highly fanciful and creative objects and decorations, in the company of mom and dad!

Do not miss any traditional element

The 3 Swiss ### From the Advent wreath to Christmas socks, toddlers are the first to want to respect tradition. A pleasure that we gladly give in to…

Wake up on a table that sparkles with gluttony

Geneviève Lethu ### On the side of the little heads, a dreamed festive table does not respect the codes and conventions of refinement, but rather the desire for fantasy and indulgence ... In short, it should look more or less like this :

Discover beautiful gifts at the foot of the tree

Habitat ### The great magic of Christmas is to wait patiently until midnight on the 24th (or until the early morning of the 25th depending on tradition) to discover your gifts under the tree! An enchantment that even grown-ups never tire of…


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