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Winter bed linen to discover in pictures

Winter bed linen to discover in pictures

December 21 is officially winter (or the end of the world)! Also, it's time to put your room in winter time by opting for ultra-soft bed linen that will warm the room in the blink of an eye! Discover our selection in pictures to cocoon all winter.

Chalet atmosphere

Spoiler To imagine yourself in a warm mountain chalet in your bed, put on checkered bed linen in warm colors. To warm up the atmosphere even more, add a cushion and a faux fur bedspread.

Traditional tiles

Spoiler To warm up any atmosphere, you can also bet on the tiles. Here, we put on white and blue tiles on the outside for and we offer a very enveloping purple interior to warm you up.

Dark tiles

Essix home If you opt for tiles in very dark tones, you will get a fairly English style that will warm your room. Keep dark colors for the rest of the room to keep the spirit enveloping.

Tartan atmosphere

Lexington To warm up the bed, you can opt for a few simple tips like adding a tartan bedspread to the bottom of the bed and accessorizing the headboard with fake fur. Multiply the cushions to optimize comfort.

Total white look

Blanc des Vosges Winter is also snow! And to echo it, you can bet on a total white look in thick and very soft fabrics that will wrap you to spend the winter smoothly.

Natural colors

Blanc des Vosges Natural colors have the power to warm the atmosphere with soft and pleasant colors. They are used on bed linen to create a cocoon of softness in the bedroom. The good news is that these colors adapt to almost any decor.

Mountain bed linen

Olivier Desforges To create a mountain atmosphere in the bedroom, you can bet on mountain-style bed linen such as snow-covered firs or steep peaks. Bet on a combination of white and red for colors.

Canvas of Jouy for a little softness

Ikea Use classic patterns to create a soft and enveloping room to prepare for winter. We think for example of the Jouy canvas in very chic dark blue tones.

Flowery bed linen

Ikea Finally, to evoke the big quilts of yesteryear, we can bet on duvet covers with large flowers. Do not hesitate to mix different patterns to create a vintage effect.