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Recover: we divert the furniture!

Recover: we divert the furniture!

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To give a recuperated atmosphere to your interior, you can bet on furniture that you will divert. We no longer hesitate to choose original furniture away from its original use. The garden furniture integrates the house and the metal lockers of the factories become storage. Demonstration.

Workshop furniture

Maisons du monde Similarly in the old workshops, you will find craft furniture mixing wood and metal to ensure good robustness. We divert this furniture to install it in our interior and give it an industrial look.

A gardener's trolley

Maisons du monde Do not hesitate to bring inside the furniture that we used to use outside. We think for example of gardener trolleys which can become original consoles inside. We will place a bouquet of flowers on it for a wink.

Advertising boxes

Maisons du monde If you are lucky enough to find wooden advertising crates of yesteryear, you can divert them to make them drawers on an old piece of furniture and offer you a retro atmosphere in your interior.

Advertising shelves

Maisons du monde To give a vintage style to your decor, you can opt for old advertising shelves that served as a display for products in grocery stores. Head to legendary products like Coca-Cola.

An old clock

Maisons du monde What if you had fun recovering a clock by hijacking it? Opt for a pendulum model whose door you will dismantle. You will replace the pendulum with shelves and repaint the whole in a color that fits better with your interior and voila.

Original sofa ends

AM.PM To create end tables, you can opt for any object capable of accommodating a few decorative objects. For example, large stumps of wood may be suitable. We do not hesitate to multiply them for an even more decorative effect.

A home made office

AM.PM To create an original office, we put on the recovery! To do this, get stackable metal lockers that you will mount in columns on each side. Then you just need to place a wooden tray on top.

Factory lockers

La Redoute If you find metal factory or administration lockers, know that they will have the most beautiful effect in your interior! We place them in the house to bring an industrial touch. Play with the different models to create a nice accumulation.

An architect's office

Paragraph Why not use an architect's office to create your personal office. It will bring an industrial style to your interior and will also be very practical for working.

Boat portholes

Maisons du Monde For all lovers of the seaside style, this recuperative tip is made for you. Recover old boat portholes, slip an ice-cream in it and here is a most original mirror for your living room!

A lady-Jeanne turned soliflore

La Redoute These old bottles, which once contained wine, find a new, much more decorative function in our contemporary interiors. Here, they become pretty soliflores, but you can also introduce a light garland to transform them into lamps.

A postcard display

AM PM We fell in love with this recuperated idea! This old postcard display finds a whole new use in the office where it will be able to accommodate your pocket books or family photos.

A coil of rope

Maisons du Monde To breathe sea air into your dining room or living room, collect an old spool of rope used on ports. You just have to put it where you want to transform it into a decorative and original seat.

Ancient cogs for an industrial clock

Maisons du Monde If you have the soul of a handyman, make yourself a "house" clock to match your expertise. Made with some old factory cogs, this wall clock gives an industrial tone to any decor.

Screen as a headboard

AM PM Finding the right headboard can be a real headache. Unless you re-use a wooden screen lying around and give your bed a unique look.

A travel trunk transformed into a bedside table

Maisons du Monde You no longer know what to do with this wicker travel trunk which tends to clutter you up? Find her a small place next to your bed where she will come in handy as a bedside table.

Restored wine boxes

Maisons du Monde There are many tips for giving a second life to wine boxes. But our favorite is the following: repaint them in bright colors like yellow or electric blue and fix them on the wall to transform them into shelves.

An old factory furniture

Maisons du Monde Easy to bargain-hunt on flea markets, factory furniture can find a whole new use in our interiors. Like here, where it has become a vanity unit in the bathroom.

Old reused tea towels

Maisons du Monde Have you found old tea towels in grandma's closet but you don't know what to do with them? We have an easy idea to make: transform them into original cushions. Smart, right?


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